10 Fascinating And Smart Shows With Dumb Humor

There are a couple of shows about the nibble-witted people that comprises of incredibly stupid humor. At the same time, a good number of shows seem dumb, but in reality, they have incredibly high-brow humor. 

Besides that, we have the prime shows, including smart shows with smart humor but full of stupid jokes. 

I have focused on all those shows, and you are going to learn more about them in this article. Don’t miss any information, and you will be glad you read it. 

The List Of The 10 Smart Shows With Stupid Humor

Join me in exploring the ten smart shows with stupid humor. Here they are, check them out. 

  1.  American Vandal 

American vandal show is a prominent high school-set series with extreme humor. It isn’t necessarily a documentary but instead, a satirical take directed at the real crimes. 

American Vandal focuses on the destruction of the school premises. Someone comes in and spray paints a bunch of penises on the teachers’ vehicles. The school’s leading clown is suspected of the crime by the school and later expelled. It is indeed a brilliant tv show. 

10 Fascinating And Smart Shows With Dumb Humor
10 Fascinating And Smart Shows With Dumb Humor
  1.  Letterkenny

Letterkenny is a comedy tv show about hicks in Canada. It is a fast-paced show that cracks jokes virtually every 10 seconds. 

Some jokes tend to build over a few episodes, and you get to see the punchline in the season finale. 

Also, some jokes appear in some seasons. I can’t forget to tell you the other part of these shows about the incredible silly jokes regarding drinking, farts, awful puns, and sex. 

  1.  The Good Place

What makes this excellent show to be prominent is the use of philosophy to generate some entertainment. 

The show is incredibly funny, especially with the stupid jokes associated with it. For instance, the actors can’t swear, but instead, the swearing words will emerge as bull ‘shirt,’ ‘fork’ and ‘ash.’ There are jokes in every other season.

It is more about the people’s afterlife where after death, one may go to a ‘Good place’ or ‘Bad place’ depending on the person’s morality of conduct in life. In the show, people go to hell but believe to be in a ‘Good place’ because it is presented as heaven. 

  1.  BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman is an animated show that consists of a mix of high-brow humor and extremely stupid gags altogether. The animals make the most substantial part of the characters in this show. 

It displays a simple concept of depression, sexuality, self-destructive behaviors, sexism, racism, addiction, the human condition, and humans. This show is hilarious and brilliant as well. 

There are so many exciting parts of the show. To mention some of them, dogs are lovers of peanut butter, paparazzi birds can not withstand bread, and horses prefer to have sugar. Aha, there are business-oriented cats possessing scratchers in their offices. 

  1.  Rick And Morty

Rick and Morty’s show has plenty of humor and is full of creativity at the same time. Its silly fun that captivates a lot of people and disapproves of the belief that most people say that intelligent audiences can only understand Rick and Morty. 

The show tends to balance family life with science fiction, where it explores deep into relationships and depression regarding the family. Moreover, the series has dived deep into the concept of parallel universes along with time travel. 

10 Fascinating And Smart Shows With Dumb Humor
10 Fascinating And Smart Shows With Dumb Humor
  1.  Parks And Recreation 

Parks and Recreation, together with a Good place show, exhibit plenty of ultimately silly jokes. These two shows are both contents from the same person. 

The characters are typically funny and lovable, have great humor, and the show is fascinating to watch. 

  1.  It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia 

This is a show that comprises of the misfit allies when the characters conspire against each other. Some are seeking revenge, some looking for personal gain or admiring to see their colleagues’ downfalls. 

If I say that this is a smart show concerning stupid people, I will have explained all. It is indeed one. 

  1.  Simpsons And Futurama

Simpsons and Futurama are also one of the best shows and have a lot of stupid humor. They are science fiction comedies and depend on exceedingly silly premises of episodes. 

10 Fascinating And Smart Shows With Dumb Humor
10 Fascinating And Smart Shows With Dumb Humor
  1.  Ali G, Borat, And Other Sacha Baron Cohen Show

Sacha Baron Cohen has several shows that try to engage exceedingly stupid people to equally significant social issues. 

For instance, in Ali G, there’s an episode where he speaks to a DEA agent concerning drugs, and at the same time, he’s cracking jokes about marijuana. The episode delves deeper into extreme damages caused by the ‘war of drugs’ in America than the pros. 

  1.  Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley comedy shows talks more about how messy and tremendously amusing is the world of app developers and software creators. 


Those are ten smart shows with stupid humor. I know there are many good comedy shows, but it’s better when you know what’s the best among them. Thus, you are now in a good position to choose what’s best for you from the many options available.

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