45 Public Speaking Topics and Ideas

45 Public Speaking Topics and Ideas

Communication is the key. Any situation can be tackled with a proper way of conveying your thoughts to the people around you. There are a lot of people who are great at public speaking but at the same time some people find it difficult. To ease the problem we can take a look around certain public speaking topics that will keep us prepared before hand.

Below are some topics that you may get a grip on before attending any public speaking session :

Technologies and science, Important Topic On Public Speaking

The development of science and technology have never impacted our more than ever. The progress of science and its universal effect on our day to day lives can be an interesting and informative topic as well. The scientific research conducting on the sources of energy outside earth can be of immense importance but the amount of expense can be a matter of argument.

45 Public Speaking Topics and Ideas
  • Nano technology and it’s future prospects.
  • Cloning of animals and the benefits of the research.
  • The merits of gene therapy.
  • The potential danger lurking in the effects of greenhouse gases.
  • Human should have more concern on savings the biodiversity in order to prevent it’s own extinction.
  • Chances of getting ruled by the robots in future.
  • Contribution of eminent scientists in changing the life.

What are chances of getting hit by the same amount of asteroid that led to the extinction of dinosaurs.

Motivational and Self-help topics on Public Speaking

It seems that this generation of young people are more depressed than ever. Most of them seek motivation and ways to self help from others. This topic can be helpful for a large number of people.

45 Public Speaking Topics and Ideas
45 Public Speaking Topics and Ideas
  • Effective ways to improve public speaking skills and building confidence.
  • Helping people to recognise the leader ship quality they possess within
  • Ways to recover from unhappy relationships and marriage. Helping out to start every thing freshly.
  • How to become your own boss and work for yourself.
  • Laziness might not be that bad but could be a sign of creative mind.
  • Benefits of travelling.
  • Gluten is not all that bad as it seems.
  • Why people with perseverance are more likely to succeed
  • A hearty breakfast and it’s merits.

Society and it’s impacts on the individual :

We all are social animals and live in a society that has many impact on our live. Society Can Provide A Variety Of Public Speaking Topics.

  • Danger of careless driving and its affects
  • Understanding the people with different sexual preferences.
  • The need to support the local business to for a better economy.
  • Monopoly and its adverse effects on general well being.
  • People are becoming too self centric and technology dependent.
  • Effective ways to improve the poverty and conditions of life.
  • Government should provide free Internet service to all.
  • Punishment of children might not be a good option as this might affect their mental health.

Work place:

Work place and its environment plays an important role in anyone’s life as we spend most of our time here.

  • The wage structure should be revised.
  • The importance of maintaining a healthy work life balance.
  • Protection of women from work place harassment.
  • Providing equal opportunities for LGBT communities.

Investment in the wellness of employees

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