5 Tips For A Best Man Speech That Everyone Will Remember

tips for a best man speech

Wedding is a big day and being presented as the best man is much more than you think, overall it’s your best buddy’s wedding so when you were chosen he must have felt that you can be the one man beside him. Now you are going to be an attraction for certain times and certain people, therefore it can be daunting. You must have already prepared for your appearance, suit, makeover, and other responsibilities but what about the speech? Seems like you are confused about what to say and what not to do. Your best man speech should be full of emotions, humor, about the bonding, the memories, and gratitude; so take a pen and paper and write down some amazing tips for a best man speech.

Prepare beforehand

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Don’t hurry on the night before the wedding and never copy other speech patterns from google unless you have no options left. Start preparing for the speech at least one week prior, think about the best memories and times with your friend that are worth sharing, don’t make it too short or too long, you must include the story of how your friendship began, some difficult times that you overcame together, some fun moments, and write them down point by point. As you keep writing, you will notice what to add and what to exclude, just keep one thing in mind- you have to make your buddy feel loved and happy.

Start by expressing gratitude

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The best way to start your speech is to say ‘Thanks’ to everyone and especially to the couple, the parents, and close ones. The people present in the venue should feel like they are important, make proper eye contact with the people you mention and others who are present there, keep your tone medium, and smile frequently.

Reflect on your relationship

The most important part of your speech should be your relationship with your dear friend, the bonding you share, how it enriched you, what you learned from each other, and the beautiful times you spent together. In addition to this, you should also speak about their partner, describe how you see them together, say thanks to the partner, and wish them the best of luck at the end.

Mix humor and love

Your best man’s speech is unfinished without some sarcasm, and making the audience laugh, it will be a good time for them in the emotional moments. You can also share old photos and videos of your friend together, or of some funny moments to maintain the vibe. Crack a joke with confidence, share any motivational quote for the couple, and don’t forget to mention how much you love them.

Be careful with your words

A big no for offending jokes that can hurt others’ sentiments, you should not disclose any private information, any secrets of your friends, or a drunk memory. Know your audience; if your teachers, parents, manager, boss, or professionals are present at that moment then you should be cautious with your words.


One of the helpful tips for a best man speech is to practice in the mirror, keep your paper nearby, take a sip of your drink before beginning, and put on your best-smiling face. To make your best man speech worth remembering is to keep it unique yet simple.

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