6 Effective Speech Therapy Tips To Make Your Kid Talk Without Any Issue

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Does your kid have a speech problem? If yes, then speech therapy tips might be beneficial for your kid in solving their language issues. Your doctor would recommend the same and will suggest some strategies as well that will help you best deal with your kid’s speech issues. We have also mentioned some of those best strategies to address your kid’s stuttering problems.

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Speech Therapy Tips That Parents Can Try

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The practice is the only solution when your kid faces difficulty saying any alphabet. He/she might find it difficult to say letters like F or its syllables. The first step is to identify which words are hard for them and then make them say it a number of times in a day.

When they repeat the same word again and again, then it will come into their habit, and smoothly they can spell any words with that letter. Once they succeed in saying that letter correctly, teach them syllables.

Give Emphasis To Your Kid’s Ability

Most of the parents focus on things that their children cannot do or are weak at. Instead of doing that, parents should put the focus on their kid’s abilities. They should not judge or compare their kids with other progress. Be polite instead and repeatedly praise them for their efforts in improving their speech.

Avoid Distractions And Speak More

Don’t leave your kids alone with TV or ask them to improve their speech by watching the shows. It won’t help them as much as talking face to face will do. So, talk more with your kids and teach them how to correctly pronounce a particular word.

Ask them to repeat after you and focus on the voice that comes after speaking that word. Listening would help them more during practice.

Improve Muscle Strength

One of the best speech therapy tips is using a straw to improve the muscular strength of your kid’s mouth. Ask your kid to blow air out of the straw. You can even add a modification to this=s exercise by asking them to move a ping pong ball using a straw. This would be fun and beneficial for clearing their speech.

Let Them Read

Reading will also help improve your kid’s understanding of different words and letters. Make reading a habit of your kids. In case your kid is very young and cannot read, then simply let them see an alphabet’s image. This will strengthen both their memory and speech.

Reward Them

Appreciation will motivate your kid to do better, so do not forget their rewards. Make every activity a learning experience for them.

Use Apps

You can also take the help of speech apps so that your kids don’t have to rely on you every time for practice. This will help you track your kid’s progress as well and help you identify whether your speech therapy tips are yielding any results or not.

These tips will help your kid normally communicate with others. Also, take professional guidance and suggestion so that your kid speaks flawlessly without stuttering.

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