6 Ways to Improve Your Self-awareness

Knowing yourself is the key to personal growth. If you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, you can work on improving them. Here are six ways to improve your self-awareness and become a better person.

1. Know your triggers

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Everyone has emotional buttons that can be pushed to change their mood or behaviour. If you know what causes your buttons to be pushed, you will have a better idea of what makes you tick and how to avoid being controlled by your emotions. For example, perhaps you are often rude after eating meals because your mother used to call you “fat” when you were young.

2. Avoid projecting

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If you are unable to see your own mistakes, it is easy to blame others for them instead. This causes problems in relationships where the person who projects cannot see that they are contributing to the problem. One way of dealing with this is by learning how to take responsibility for your actions. This involves honestly assessing how your behaviour affects others, even if it is unintentional.

3. Look at things from multiple perspectives

It is easy to think that everyone sees the world in the same way you do. However, people have different ways of interpreting events because everyone has unique life experiences and beliefs. If you are aware of how other people view the world, you will be able to identify ways to better relate and communicate with them.

4. Avoid becoming defensive

One of the best ways to learn about yourself is by listening to constructive criticism from others. However, it can be difficult to take criticism without getting upset or defensive. You might: 1) deny that what they are saying is true, 2) become angry and blame them for being “too sensitive”, or 3) feel hurt and cry. These reactions prevent you from learning about yourself because you will just ignore the feedback without thinking about it. Instead, you should try to listen carefully and think about ways that the criticism is actually valid, even if it doesn’t apply to the way you think or feel about yourself.

5. Pay attention to your dreams

Paying attention to your dreams is an important way to improve self-awareness. Many people don’t pay much attention to their dreams, but they are actually a great source of information about who you really are and what you think about things. When we sleep, our brains process all the knowledge and experience we’ve gained throughout our lives in order to make sense of them. This means that when we dream, it’s often easier for us to figure out how we feel about events or people than when we’re awake because there’s no fear of judgement or social pressures getting in the way. So paying close attention to your dreams can help you understand yourself better and figure out ways that will bring more happiness into your life.

6. Keep a journal

Writing things down is an excellent way of learning about yourself.

introspection means looking inward for answers instead of always turning to other people or substances. Even if you think that you already know everything there is to know about yourself, writing things down may reveal ways in which you are mistaken.


Self-awareness is a difficult thing to achieve because some aspects of it require at least one other person to test your objectivity. This is why it is helpful to practice the ways listed above for gaining a better understanding of yourself, no matter how difficult it may be.

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