7 Low Self Confidence Boosting Mental Hacks FBI Agents Use

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Have you ever thought that you are not as good as someone else? Or, may be thought of giving up because you feel that you cannot do a certain thing? May be you have woken up and felt like there is no path ahead of you? These are classic signs that you are suffering from low self confidence. 

Low self-confidence is extremely counterproductive. You feel like you cannot do anything in your life. You feel so hopeless and worthless that you make the situation just like that! The one major issue is that when you are not confident about your abilities and start doubting yourself then your actions will not bring out the desired result. Thus, you feel that you are indeed a failure and was right to think so. Even though it was you doubting yourself in the first place was the reason behind the failure. This is one vicious cycle, and you have got to break free. 

Conquer Your Low Self Esteem Like A Pro

You have got to fight against all the negative thoughts and boost your self-confidence. That’s the only way to ensure that you will gain confidence. And, it’s all within your mind. You have to find a way to train your mind. Here are 7 mind hacks that the FBI trainees use. 

Break Through Self-Limiting Beliefs 

Imagine the time when you thought you could take on the world! As we grow up our beliefs become our biggest enemy. Our dreams are crushed and we develop self-limiting beliefs. It’s important to break through those. Once you believe that you can achieve anything, you will see that you really can! 

Speak With Yourself 

I am not merely talking about introspection here. It is proven fact that speaking to yourself is beneficial in improving your memory, increasing your focus, improving your performance, and more. Use positive self-talk to boost yourself. You will find this is quite common in the various segments of the armed forces. 

Don’t Confuse Between Memory And Facts

Most of us don’t have photographic memory. You cannot remember everything like a fact. Even the ones with good memory will have a gist of what happened. Moreover, there is also the confirmation bias that makes your brain store what happened the way you feel about it. So, don’t rely on them like they are facts. You remember the failures more because you feel that you are a failure. It’s never a fact. 

Increase Curiosity Level

Remain curious to remain teachable. Keep yourself open to new ideas and experiences. That’s extremely necessary if you wish to keep improving. It is also necessary to give attention to details. These are important for FBI agents. But, not just for them alone. It can help you a lot as well. 

Think Positive To Counter Negative Thoughts

Your brain will keep feeding you with negative thoughts. Use at least five counter positive thoughts for every such negative thought that arises in your brain. You have to actively fight the negative bias that has formed within you and that is not a small feat! 

Push Through Self-Doubt

Identify the areas that makes you doubt yourself and work on them. Get past those barriers and push through your self-doubts. Once you set your mind to anything there is no one who can prevent you from achieving it. 

Face Your Fears

We are often controlled by our fears. But, you will have to conquer them to move ahead. Get close to what you fear. Then take a deep breath. See, you are not dead! Often it is the emotional part of our brain that conjures up the worst case scenarios. Whenever it does, imagine of all the possible outcomes, and you will know that things will ultimately be fine! 

So, now that you know these hacks, start implementing them!

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