A Portable Clip-On Microphone an Answer to Your Problem! Produce Quality Sound and Voice Recording!

Technology is something that never stops surprising us. When you think that this could be the limit, technology comes up with something you have never imagined before. Without modern equipment or technology, we today cannot imagine our life. 

The new in the list of technology is lapel micks which are also known as Lavalier microphones. These kinds of microphones can be clipped to your shirt, tie or collar that allows you to record hands-free. If you are a regular in recording and shooting for podcasts or streams, this is the perfect device to record a clear voice of yourself. It also blocks the outside voices and records the clear words and sentences you are saying. 

Portable Clip-On Microphone Lapel For Clear Recordings

The best things that lapel mics are so popular are because of the functions that allow you to record hands-free and their clear quality recording. Once you positioned it correctly in the right place, your main focus will be producing content. And you won’t even think about microphones. 

Most commonly, lapel mics are used with iPhones and DSLR cameras because they are small, great for videos, and unobtrusive. However, it can also be used for Androids, laptops, PCs, and desktop computers. 

You have seen lapel mics used by sports anchors, conference presenters, new reports, and more. They come in both wired and non-wired options that produce the best quality podcast content and can be used for YouTube as well. Both wired and non-wired have their pros and cons. 

Here we have to tell you more about wired lapel mics along with their pros and cons. 


  • Brand Name: BOYA
  • Style: Handheld Microphone
  • Transducer: Condenser Microphone
  • Set Type: Single Microphone
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Polar Patterns: Omnidirectional
  • Communication: Wired
  • Package: Yes
  • Model Number: BY-M1
  • BOYA BY M1: Lavalier Lapel Microphone
  • Audio & Video Cables include: 3.5 to 6.5 mm Jack adapter
  • Microphone Accessories: with battery
  • Length Cable: 6m
  • Compatible For: iPhone, DSLR, Computer Camcorder Zoom Smartphone
  • Use: Lecture, Speech, Meeting, Record, Vlogging
  • Quality: High quality


  • It can be connected to your phone, camera, or computer of any brand. 
  • It gives a great sound quality since it does not capture other noise. 
A close up of a microphone


  • Because they are wired, you cannot freely move, and you have to be close to the device the lapel mic is connected with. 


Lapel mics are an excellent and portable choice for recording. You might have seen filmmakers and broadcasting widely using wired microphones as it is challenging to relay on unwired microphones due to their regular charging requirements.

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