A Public Speaking Lesson Plan That Works

public speaking lesson plan

If you have been teaching public speaking for any length of time, then you probably know how much fun it is to organize a group presentation. The key is not just to get the group there on time, but also to do a great job! This leads into a second component that many people overlook; the value of a prepared speech. After the students learn what to say, do they understand what comes next? That’s where a lesson plan comes in.

An Overview


It can be easy to lose sight of the importance of a lesson plan, even when teaching others public speaking. After all, isn’t it enough to get your students to listen and then let them do the rest? However, a solid lesson plan makes it possible to structure your teaching sessions so you are teaching your students basic public speaking skills, and then you make effective presentations as the occasion calls for it. This is an essential element in making effective presentations at a later time.

A public speaking lesson plan can easily be constructed for middle school students. This is an ideal time because these students are at the stage where they are beginning to explore ideas, and forming opinions. They want to know what they agree with, and how others feel about the topic before they decide what they will do about it. By organizing topics for discussion, you allow your middle school students to make informed decisions. In this way, they learn basic public speaking skills while having fun!

Benefits To Consider

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Another benefit of a lesson plan is that it allows you to create lessons around other subjects that are relevant to your students’ needs. For example, you may find that a particular topic is not really drawing anyone in or is not creating the excitement you hoped for. In this case, you can simply modify your coursework in order to address the issue. For example, you may discover that your group performance on the Public Speaking section of the Test of English as a Foreign Language was quite poor. You can modify your lesson plans to address this issue and then give your students a more appropriate level of exposure to the subject matter.

The third major benefit of developing a plan is that it allows you to practice your communication process in an effort to improve your word choice, imagery, and pitch. In many aspects of public speaking, preparation is the key to success. You must do research, gather information, and develop an appropriate presentation before ever speaking in front of a group. However, practicing your communication process with a friend is often a great way to improve your skills. In fact, the communication process taught in the best test courses is also taught in this format!

Do Proper Research

Once you have done your research and have a plan, the next step is to organize your research. In public speaking, it is important to understand audience psychology. You will need to know how to speak to different types of people, use different kinds of lingo, and be able to adjust your word choice, imagery, and pitch depending on the situation. To understand audience psychology, you will need to study the typical speaking patterns of different groups and the kinds of questions asked during a public speaking event. Understanding audience psychology also gives you valuable insights into how to better communicate with a group of people.

Another way to build your vocabulary and improve your communication skills is through the resources available at iLearningIt. iLearningIt offers a free public module based on the same principles that I taught in my own iLearning centers. The public module includes the entire tutorial course, which covers the foundations of presenting information in a clear and concise manner, how to select the right words for your presentation, creating proper imagery, and developing effective listening skills. You will also receive practice questions and a worksheet to track your progress.


These are just two of the many topics you will cover in this exciting online course. Dr. Leith’s “How To Make Effective Presentations” series not only provides excellent information for a public speaking lesson plan, but it also provides valuable tools for understanding audience psychology. This course can serve as a great jumping off point for your own personal communication process and help you put together a powerful presentation for your audience. If you are serious about improving your public speaking skills, you will appreciate what iLearningIt can offer.

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