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The Best Western Mentor will be your tour guide, keeping you on the right track. The company has many packages for you to choose from so you can have a vacation of a lifetime, a perfect way to spend your honeymoon. You have a variety of choices like suites, single room, double room, or a home away from home. There are so many activities for children ranging from swimming pools to outdoor games. All of these are planned to make your stay at the Best Western Motel pleasurable.

In your accommodations, there is a variety of services including babysitting, housekeeping, laundry, housekeeping, house cleaning, dining, transportation, and much more.

There are amenities such as conference rooms, spas, fitness centers, Jacuzzi baths, cable television, and much more. You will have everything you need to keep you entertained in your Best Western Motel. You can go on a relaxing spa retreat, enjoy live entertainment at their pool, take a hike on their outdoor pool, watch a movie in their indoor theater, go on a snorkeling retreat, or just relax by the pool. You are also allowed to bring your pet dogs/cats to spend time in the foyer of your hotel ideal cut.

Best Western Mentor

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The Best Western Motel is located in a very nice location. The location is at the perfect point where it is close to major highways like I-35, I-10, and US-1. The location also offers easy access to downtown Phoenix. There are many businesses within walking distance that serve different purposes. In addition to providing guests with quality customer service, the Best Western Motel is a very nice place to stay. Guests often comment that their stay was very comfortable.

The Best Western Motel is a members-only resort. It has a special location that is off of the beaten path. This location is perfect for families as well as singles. This location is also very close to some of the fine eating and shopping areas in the greater Phoenix area.

The Best Western Motel is an all-inclusive vacation resort. They provide all of the services needed by the vacationer. This includes babysitting, housekeeping, laundry, house cleaning, meals, transportation, and recreational activities. At this location, there are no age restrictions. Children under the age of 12 can stay for free if ordered by a parent or guardian.

A Much Ado

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Best Western Motel is located about three miles from Puerto Vallarta. Guests can start their hiking excursions at the Acela/San Carlos Park. They can enjoy a wide range of nature walks as well as horseback riding in the mountains. After visiting the park guests can return to the Best Western Motel and relax on one of the many lounges inside. All guest rooms are equipped with televisions, coffee pots, and Internet connections. Guest can use any of the facilities that they want during their stay.

The atmosphere inside the Best Western Motel is very warm and welcoming. The staff members speak English and Spanish, and most of them have English as their first language. If you would like to study a language, the club offers one of the Latin American or Spanish classes. The Spanish language course lasts only six weeks, while the Latin American classes take a little longer. In both of these programs, students learn grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and practical language skills.

Final Words

Another popular activity in which guests are able to participate while staying at Best Western Motel is miniature golf. You may bring your own clubs or have the club rent for you. The miniature golf course has nine holes and is built on a covered green. Guests have a chance to practice their strokes and have fun at the same time.

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