A Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie For Your Adventures


Every child has a dream of owning a walkie talkie. When we were kids, there we no cell phones, and the only thing which is remotely close to a cell phone was a walkie talkie. We found ourselves talking to our walkie talkie day and night planning the holidays and just fun stuff. We felt like we are the 007 of a blockbuster movie. Well, the truth is it’s a device is for everyone. If you are associating it with just children, you are in for a surprise. See walkie talkie is helpful in many ways. Most of the police officers and lifeguards use the walkie talkie to communicate with each other. Our two-way radio walkie talkie is waterproof and has more than 9 hrs of talk time. Thus, if you are going in the wilderness, make sure you carry one of these to stay in touch with civilization as you don’t know when your phone might lose its signal.

A Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie For Your Adventures
A Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie For Your Adventures

How Does A Walkie Talkie Work?

Well, it’s just an old school cell phone. It is something which is just so small that you could take it anywhere with you. As a result, they are still in use by a vast amount of public service agents. It works based on the transmitter and a receiver along with a battery. It works on a half-duplex channel. Thus, you can only transfer single audio one at a time, unlike your phone, which has used full-duplex and can have a two-way conversation. Also, it uses push to talk system. You need to press a button to speak, and you need to let go of the button to listen to the other way round. This is how an old school machine works and gives you the freedom to receive and send audio signals wirelessly without asking you to get on a network.

Difference Between A Walkie Talke And A Cell Phone

A cell phone is just a modern look of walkie talkie and holds a bit of glamour. But in the core, both have the same function to deliver audio from one person to another. 

This device is used to transfer audio signals at different frequencies while a phone uses a telecom network to connect one call to the other.

Also, you don’t have to worry about a person interrupting you in between when you are using it; it’s just a one way signal at a given point of transmission. Whereas, if you look at the cell phone, it uses full-duplex transmission. As a result, a person can ask you a question or reply to you even without hearing what you have to say.

A Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie For Your Adventures
A Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie For Your Adventures

In addition to this, it doesn’t rely on any telecom signals, and it works based on the range. Thus, you can be sure that wherever you go, you will get the transmission no matter what.

Likewise, most of the phones are water-resistant, not waterproof. As a result, you have to be careful with them. But in the case of walkie talkie, you are free to test its durability as it’s both waterproof and shockproof. 

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