Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Quotations On Self Confidence

quotations on self confidence

For each individual the situation and situations which inspired the quote will be different. The beauty of quotations on self confidence is that they are not set in stone. They can be changed to fit a person, their life or circumstances. If you find one quotation that fits you perfectly you should keep it and use it as your motto.

Self-confidence can be described in a number of different ways. One might say confidence is the state of mind and another might say it is the inner power. Still another might describe it as an aura or energy. The important thing is that it is the belief in one’s self. These quotations on self confidence are great to read because they allow you to change your belief system.

A Great Quote By Napoleon Hill

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There are many quotes on self esteem and confidence on the internet but how many of these actually work? Many people have read that quote from Napoleon Hill and decided that is the best quote for them. Unfortunately this is a false belief. A great quote by Napoleon Hill is: “I did not know a man until I had tried him.” Although this sounds great, there is a problem with it.

Unfortunately many people think that you must be successful in order to feel good about yourself. This means that if you do not have any money then you are not a successful person. This is an unhealthy way of thinking. A great quote by Hill advises: “To be successful you must believe that you can.” Although it may sound like a New Age platitude it has huge importance to a person’s success.

Famous Quote By Thomas Moore

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The last and quite probably most important quote on self esteem and confidence are; “The greatest discovery of my age is that men are not equal. I am not, nor was I born a man; all I know is that I Am.” This famous quote by Thomas Moore came as a result of a study conducted by James Vicary and John C. Maxwell. They concluded that each person has an individual quality that sets him above the rest. These qualities are what they call the “incts”.

These Acts include such qualities as intelligence, strength, happiness, morals and so forth. Each of these are valued highly and serve as the basis for a person’s self esteem and confidence. This is why the quote is so important. It reminds us that we are unique and special and that each person should treat himself with respect and care. This lesson is taken directly from The Secret.

Never Compare Ourselves To Other People

It also serves as a reminder to us that we should never compare ourselves to other people. Comparing ourselves to others only tends to weaken our self-esteem and leads to depression. In order to succeed and build up our self-confidence we should aim to be superior to everyone we come into contact with. Quotations on self confidence can do just that.

There are many ways you can use quotations on self confidence. For instance, if you want to build your self confidence or if you want to get rid of some bad habits you might find these quotations useful. They will help you develop a better personality and will give you ideas for making changes in your life.


You can take these quotations and put them in your own words and use them to help you achieve the success in your life that you are aiming for. There are many sources you can find these quotations from but my personal favorite is from Napoleon Hill.

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