Bluetooth Wireless Microphone


Technology has become an unavoidable part of our lives. We are becoming increasingly dependent on gadgets and other technological devices. However, while most of them have adverse effects on our lifestyles, some are really effective and useful. Bluetooth is one such technology. With the advent of this technology, we can easily bid goodbye to the hassle of wires. Moreover, we have a wide range of Bluetooth devices, such as Bluetooth wireless headsets, microphones, speakers, etc. The music industry has particularly benefitted from this Bluetooth technology. We have Bluetooth Wireless Microphone these days which are far better than wired ones and are convenient to use.  They also have superior sound quality and are effective in sound recording as well. These Bluetooth wireless microphones are lightweight and easy to carry too.

Some of the unique features of the Bluetooth wireless microphone are:

Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

Bluetooth Wireless Microphone
Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

You can be forever ready for your karaoke nights with this Bluetooth wireless microphone. Moreover, it has a length of 23 cm which makes it extremely handy and portable. The durability is unquestionable, which makes it an ideal choice among people who loves music and singing. However, you can play it from any source, for example, micro SD cards, USB connection to phones and computers and Bluetooth of course. This Bluetooth wireless microphone lets you have fun anytime and anywhere.


The wireless feature of this microphone makes it a popular choice among people. Moreover, this hand-held microphone possesses a condenser which produces high-quality sound. The wireless microphone is made of aluminium alloy which makes it ultra-durable.  It is the same material that is used in making bicycle frames and so the microphones are pretty tough. They also come in a wide range of colours and a hyper-cardioid which renders a chic and sleek look. However, the battery backup of this microphone is extremely good. It can last up to five to eight hours even if you charge it for just three to five hours. Therefore, there is going to be no limit to playing your favourite songs on loop.  This wireless microphone also has a professional tuning capability which automatically adjusts the frequency of your voice.

The Bluetooth Wireless Microphone Serves Many Roles

The Bluetooth wireless microphone comes with tons of buttons. Therefore, you might need a proper guideline on how to operate it. There is a power button right beside the microphone head which you can use to turn it on or off. Moreover, there is a series of buttons that you have to learn to use in order to properly access the microphone. The REC is the record button and a long press will enable you to do the voice recordings as well as to delete it. The SCAN button lets you scan through the different FM radio stations. The MIC VOL is the button which enables you to adjust the microphone volume. The REMIX button helps you to adjust the reverberation depth. There are also ports available for micro SD card, USB and OUT.

This Bluetooth wireless microphone is your ideal choice for all those karaoke nights. It is light, portable and easy to carry. You can also select the colour of your choice and ace your passion for singing.

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