Buzzword Bible: The Ultimate A-Z Marketing

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Digital marketing is a massive platform for exploring Buzzword. Some buzzword comes with some value in its title. However, the remaining makes them laugh out loud. Moreover, we are here to take a look at A- Z buzzwords that are cycling around the media in the Buzzword Bible.

Buzzword Bible: The Ultimate A-Z Marketing
Buzzword Bible: The Ultimate A-Z Marketing

Let’s Get Started With The Buzzword Bible:

Advertainment: A silent advertisement within the content is advertainment. In other words, the Hyundai brand which silently took place many seasons of The Walking dead.

Brand Identity: A company invests in color, voice, and logo. This investment creates a brand identity.

Clickbait: It generally focuses on receiving the maximum amount of clicks. The use of some outlandish title attracts viewers to click. Therefore it’s a bait set to click.

Disruptor: They are bringing innovative ideas in the market. Disruptor is changing the face of many brands and designs.

Efficiency: Efficiency is the key to anything significant. But this concept is slowly fading from the big picture.

Freemium: It is a strategy used to offer the online product free. But only the basic feature would be free. For enjoying the best feature, you have the buy the entire application for a specific price.

Buzzword Bible: The Ultimate A-Z Marketing
Buzzword Bible: The Ultimate A-Z Marketing

Gamification: It is a process made to co-relate gaming ideas to a service. Gamification attracts viewers to complete the desired action.

Hyperlocal: This method is advertising as per the locality. Moreover, they track the viewer with the GPS then advertise as per the locality demands.

Ideation: Tt is the method of creating some ideas.

Jacking: the concept of jacking is stealing. Or in other words, showcasing a brand in between some headlines.

KPI: This also comes by the name Key performance Indicators. Moreover, KPI use is for measuring performances on the internet.

Low hanging fruit: Low hanging fruit is the easy wins which we get in the online market.

And We Are Still Continuing With The List:

Millennials: This term is primarily for the 1980-2000 generation. This concept revolves around activities involving them.

Netiquette: This topic revolves around online etiquettes one needs to follow.
Omnichannel marketing: this refers to online marketing which openly assaults audiences across online platforms.

Paid Placement: Paid advertisement is every time the right choice. Recent days SEO is leading the online market. Therefore paid an ad is a good option.

Quality not quantity: this reference is only for content bloggers. The quality of the content should be good. Otherwise, it would lose views.

Retargeting: This is widely famous. We can often witness seeing advertisements for products we looked in the online market. However, we did not end up buying. They show that promotional content in a spontaneous manner.

Story scaping: it is creating stories based on the latest ships. It focuses on shipping members from fictional worlds.

Transparency: Online promotion shows that they are transparent. This is because of the general awareness all around.

User-generated content: Companies are leaning towards promotional activities done by the users of that brand. UGC helps in the creation of a good relationship between the parties.

Visual storytelling: as suggested by the name, it showcases the story of any content via visual presentation.

Web Personalization: It deals with personalizing your web site. Moreover, this involves personalization as per users’ previous activity online.

X post: this refers to the activity of posting one single thing on multiple online platforms.

Your Mileage May Vary: this refers to addressing appropriate content to others out there. Moreover, this is done to promote a brand.

Inbox Zero: It refers to the situation where you get emails relating to lucky coupons.

Hence buzzword bible will help one a lot to know stuff.

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