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Buzzwords essentially means the words that are common in a culture. These are the words that are most utilized in a place or region at any particular time. When I say the buzzwords in speech skills, I mean the ones that are true no matter when you are speaking or communicating. Human beings have the ability to speak. However, it is quite clear that not every person has the required skill necessary for effective speech. This is the reason we need to learn about these buzzwords. So, let’s learn how to communicate effectively.

Buzzwords Of Speech Skills

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Buzzwords In Speech Skills And Speech Terminology For Speech Lessons

So, what are these buzzwords we have been speaking about? Let’s find out about them.


Clarity comes first in any speech skill training. If you are not clear with your ideas while speaking, the process of communication fails. You will have to learn to properly articulate your ideas into speech. This is generally not the case when we are talking in our mother-tongue, but while using any foreign language, this becomes a problem. One issue is that we often try to translate whatever we have to say from our mother-language to the language we are speaking in, and while doing so, we often forget that the sentence structure might differ. To correct this, you will have to practice thinking in the language you are speaking.

Enunciation And Pronunciation

These are extremely important. Enunciation is the process of saying every syllable in the speech. And, pronunciation is saying every word properly. Both are equally important because any mistake can change the meaning of the entire sentence. This is important to avoid any miscommunication, be it with those close to you or during professional meetings and conferences.

Projection And Expression

This allows the audience to understand what you are trying to say. It also allows the listener to understand your mood and how you are saying it. These are as much important as any part we discussed until now. Projection and expression allow you to express your feelings. This, in turn, make your speech understandable and humane. Proper articulation is necessary for every person, not just those who are in the entertainment business.


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Buzzwords In Speech Skills And Speech Terminology For Speech Lessons

You must always remember to maintain a pace that is understandable. If you are speaking too fast, you will become illegible. Also, if you speak too slow, you will lose the interest of your audience. Maintain the perfect pace and you will be able to ensure that your speech is heard, understood and appreciated.

Buzzwords And Vocabulary

Quite evidently, speeches have buzzwords too. These are necessary if you are trying to build a bond with someone. The buzzwords make the listener feel that you are closer to their native and thus forms the bond. Vocabulary is extremely important since without that you will never be able to express yourself properly. It is not merely about knowing a few words, but also to know their synonyms and antonyms and knowing to use them.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is essential for any speech that happens in person. Without this, you can never have effective communication.

Following these few simple things will greatly help you improve your speech.

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