Building Confidence In Public Speaking

A group of people standing in front of a crowd

Building confidence in public speaking is no rocket science. It is a common fear for many adults in America. Some people are even scared to give their speech at a funeral. The fear of addressing a large audience, making a fool of yourself, or saying something silly is quite common. Many people get nervous or start sweating before getting on the stage. If you have stage fear or have low confidence in public speaking, then here are tips on how you can boost your confidence.

Tips On Building Confidence In Public Speaking

  • Practice in front of a small group of friends first. Once you start speaking well in front of your known friends, slowly move on to a bigger group.
  • Learn to think of positive images, thoughts, beliefs just before your speech.
  • Practice yoga and other exercises to learn to control your mind. If your mind starts wandering and thinking negative images, learn to shut off and divert your thoughts immediately,
  • Just a minute before addressing the audience, practice deep breathing exercises to avoid butterflies in your stomach.
  • Know your subject well. Prepare enough and more on your topic so that you can answer and speak on any aspect of your subject.
  • Find a friend in the audience with whom you can make eye contact. This will prevent you from facing unknown strangers in the audience and getting scared as a result.
  • Rehearse several times at home or when you are alone to boost your confidence.
  • Do not make yourself the center of your concern. Make your topic more important and try to shift everyone’s focus to what you are speaking rather than how you are speaking.
  • Take body language tips from experienced friends so that you are not concerned about standing awkwardly in front of the public.

Public speaking is an easy skill, once you have mastered these above tips. If you have a problem with public speaking, address your fears, or meet a counselor to help you.

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