Enhance Your Speaking Skill With Effective Tips And Assessment

Enhance Speaking Skill With Effective Tips And Assessment

Speaking skill assessment is directly related to teachers and students that evaluate course progression. This verbal skill is measure by the teacher after a discussion of course clearance. We know that it is enough for students to give an exam with paper and pen, but it is a plus to use their speaking skills. 

Assessment For Speaking Skills 

Learning how to teach and assess speaking skills is probably one of the biggest challenges compared to the other three language skills because you have to pay attention to aspects, such as:

Frequency in speaking. It means your speaking frequency that can quickly be observed by the teacher.

Enhance Speaking Skill With Effective Tips And Assessment
Enhance Speaking Skill With Effective Tips And Assessment

Speech: It is an act of making the sound of speech related to stress and inflection.

Vocabulary: The particular elements that help to learn speaking skills.

Correctness: It is just related to correct students to use the word that perfectly manages and grammatically improved.

Communication: This is a concern to convey their word with learners. 

These all the above aspects need to understand before assessing your speaking skills. By these elements, you can follow the different types of speaking activities that are relevant to speaking skills.

5 Speaking Skill Evaluation Activities

Focused Speaking 

Speaking power. Teachers know the capability of their students. They can evaluate them with their audio and video recording. Therefore, it is essential to assess your student with their ability to the done task. Some different types of this task are:

Reading Script Dialogue With Someone Else

They are finding important information from some tables.

Properly completion of the sentence. Students know their dialogue by scripts that can give them a hint to think about the appropriate knowledge to fill the lines. Hence, the second thing teacher can convey their lesson orally, and students should respond to it. 

Responsive Speaking

Queries. It is related to students’ responsiveness that they should give all question’s answer that the administrator asked.

Providing aim and directions. Teachers can take a test with the appropriate rules and guidelines. Thus, it is related to aim gain.

Interactive Speaking 

Interview. An interview is a process taken by tester, and the candidate should give all answers face-to-face.  

Roleplay. Roleplay is a regular activity that is the conversation in English classes.

Play game. Play game is an unprofessional assessment work that is not related to the professional task.

Extensive Speaking

Unwritten Presentations. This presentation is an oral task that has commonly used to elaborate. Hence, the speaking process explains based on the subject and its delivery.

Enhance Speaking Skill With Effective Tips And Assessment
Enhance Speaking Skill With Effective Tips And Assessment

In this speaking type, the story explains through the picture, and students tell their presentation through images.

Imitative speaking. Imitative speaking has based on the repetition of the sentences. Furthermore, this task is just related to listening to your speech repetitively.


Speaking skills are not just to explain your word. Most importantly, present it in front of the instructor effectively. Additionally, you can include picture presentation, graph, oral, etc. it all depends on the condition. 

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