Everything You Should Know About Mentors Xenoverse

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An NPC mentor provides four missions that reward players on completing each mission with specific abilities or skills. One player can have only one active mentor at any time and see its progress through the menu > Play information > Master information (page). Every mentor has an icon on the Master Information tab, four blisters to the left, and a vacuum to the right of the icon, respectively. Once the training missions are over, the player can see the bubbles filled, top by bottom with the corresponding ranking, and then the gauge will slowly be filled after completing Parallel Quests (PQ) / Story Missions.

Each skill acquired by Piccolo is unique to the mentor, such as Sonder Beam Cannon, a signature move by Piccolo, obtained only from Piccolo if selected as a mentor and after all his training missions have been completed. If a signature move has been learned, players have the chance to see a “Z” prominently placed on their screen, using a movement that gives a bonus, but only if the moving master is the current player’s active mentor. The player can find their active mentor at the end of any PQ in the middle of Toki-Toki, before the Leaderboard Centre. Randomly, other mentors appear.

Mentors are NPCs who can provide special training for you. It’ll be easier for you to decide who to pick if you have met them before or know something about them. You can always change the instructor while keeping up with the previous.

What Is The Look Of The Training?

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You need to pass a test to become a student, i.e., only defeat the master or reduce his health, to be more precise, by 50-75%. Any level you gain increases your relationship with the mentor as you become a student. You don’t even have to use his skills or fight against him. High-level mentors (harder to unlock) are harder to gain experience. The “Player Data” menu provides the current stage. A question mark will appear on your mentor’s head when your level is sufficiently high. You should take a test when you speak to him. It may be a fight with the master or other characters. Each mentor wants a capsule or a Z-Soul to be brought to him. Both of them can be bought in the shop.

The list of mentors and what they need in the city is shown below. Don’t panic if you can’t find a mentor. They appear during loading randomly (e.g., when you move between the areas of the city). Often it would help if you spent many times around the town to locate the next tutor.

How To Unlock Mentors, Skill, And Lesson

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In Canton City, all the mentors you release will appear, and everyone will first fight and leave with your mentor as an initial mission. An additional lesson, meaning new skills and lessons to learn, will be offered each time you complete a lesson. No matter when a new mentor is on your map, and all you need is to approach them and talk to them. No matter how the game alerts you. Should you have any questions about the unlock, let us know the game tips and tricks in the comments below and see the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Wiki guide.

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