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In case you are a writer or an office employs who has to make a presentation and suddenly an idea hits like eye contact. And if you have to capture your thoughts before it escapes, then this portable digital voice recorder is for clarity. Apart from this, there are various reasons may require this portable digital voice recorder.

Portable Digital Voice Recorder

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Portable Digital Voice Recorder

It is possible you need this portable digital voice recorder to catch thoughts like a story. It might be possible that you are a writer, and you need this portable digital voice recorder to find ideas for the next work. When these voice recorders first hit in the late 1970s, they looked like radios. They use tapes to record sound, and the sound quality was standard and can record about an hour. But modern voice recorders are portable and can be recorded in high quality for days without any charge.

Product Description

The voice recorder has a sound-activated recording.

It records top-notch sounds and clarity with the required bit rate.

Portable and has a minimal design.

This voice recorder is convenient to put inside your pocket.

Dimensions of this voice recorder are 10.5cm x 2.1cm x 9cm.

It comes in various storage options and also supports memory card.

It has a rechargeable lithium battery which offers hrs of consistent recording.

It has a 90-degree recording with built-in stereo microphones.

Eye-Catching Features

Portable and Compact design: This digital voice recorder has a compact and portable design. It is sleek, and you can put in your pocket. It can be a necessary device, whether you are a student or a professional writer. You can use this portable digital voice recorder in your class or office to record key points from any discussion. With this compact and portable voice recorder, you do not need to use pen and paper to take notes neither have to use your eyes. It records high-quality audio so you will not have difficulty in that area. This portable digital voice recorder can recode in 90 degrees with the help of its dual microphone.

 Sound Activated Recording

This does not like any standard portable digital voice recorder; it has a cool feature which is sound-activated recording. With advance innovation, mostly all types of gadgets are moving towards automation. This portable digital voice recorder can records automatically when there is a sound this makes it simpler to work. So it can give you top-notch recorded sounds and speak with the vocal which gives a feel of watching audio with eye watching feel. It also has timed recording for your convenience if you are in any podcast or a meeting.

Can Enable Phone Connections

In case you are searching for a portable digital voice recorder with some exciting features. Then this can be the right choice for you. If you want to make you recorded voice file available quickly, this recorder can connect with your phone in no time. It connects through an OTG to get your sound on your cell phone. Also, it can record if the speaker and recorder have distance between them. It’s the size, and a smaller structure makes it convenient to take anywhere in your pocket.

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