Eye And Only I Can Persuade


The human Eye is a mysterious organ. It belongs to the Sensory Nervous System. It is a sort of visual aid for human beings.  It perceives and reacts to any type of light around it. Thus, in return, a vision is available for the human. A couple of cells, Rod and Cone, in the Retina aids the human in differentiating between colors. Its perception of the real and apparent depth of the subject along with its light is helpful. It has been scientifically determined that the human eye organ can alone understand and distinguish about 10 million colors. Therefore, it might just be, that it can detect a single photon.

The photosensitive ganglion cells present in the retina of the eye receives signals which affect pupils’ size and its adjustments. It also regulates the suppression of Melatonin along with the Body-Clock. You have to be in great shape and size in order to make a distinct feature. The Cornea, Iris and the Lens belong to the Anterior segment. The Posterior segment is composed of the vitreous, retina, choroid and sclera. These two units are fused together and make up the eye. Its shape is not a perfect sphere.

Eye The Social Eye

Us, humans are described as “social animals”. We live in a society and invariably we are a part of it. The human society at large is a vast socially active spectrum. One’s social life is very important in determining one’s place in society. The social, economic and political aspects are absolutely necessary for determining the person’s status and role. Socialization has had and has many forms. The most modern form is the present one. The age of “Social media”. Previously it was more oral, more carnal based. Then it shifted to pen and paper along with letters/postcards. Now, everything is on-the-go. It’s all typing-texting-talking through a small device in our hands.

Eye And Only I Can Persuade
Eye And Only I Can Persuade

Whenever a human meets another human, he/she tries to come off as their best self. Consequently, they act and react according to their own understanding of what is going to follow.

Confidence! The one thing every person must have, in order to be the best of the “social” beings, is confidence. Additionally, one’s flair for an activity. The passion one possesses is what influences others.

Therefore, inspirations are made whereas aspirations are found.

Persuasion And More

The power of persuasion, the power to influence is massive. It’s a very responsible job. If you are an “influencer” in society. So, your activities and words become a trend. You should never over-do it. Eye Contact is an absolute essential. It portrays your confidence and displays focused attention. Whenever an individual meets another. They turn for the best of each other. It exudes confidence and builds up a sense that the person is really important to them. Persuasion is dependent on the basic 6 principles. Reciprocation of the parties involved. The scarcity of the goods or services or kinds of deed missing. The authoritative figure taking charge and making commitments. The consistency of life along with their liking. And, how, the society, the social mass around feels and reacts to a particular act. The society has a diverse effect on us. We tend to react in a way which would be more socially acceptable. In a class or a group.

Eye And Only I Can Persuade
Eye And Only I Can Persuade

One’s body language and behavior are what determines their choices and future. Looking one another straight into the eye is intense and sometimes personal. Maintaining eye-contact makes the other person take an interest in the conversation. When one speaks without stuttering or fumbling one exudes powerful aura and authority. No one likes the person who escapes and dodges the eye and looks off at a distance or nearby. One can influence better with better physical and mental health than anything else. Hence, a strong personality is as socially influencing as possible.

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