Get Friendly With Your Public Speaking Phobia

public speaking phobia

Most of the people in the world have at least once in life faced the situation of speaking on a stage in front of a crowd. For some who are either born with natural art, it is a matter of cakewalk but for many others, the idea of it is extremely horrifying. This public speaking phobia is called Glossophobia. It is a form of social anxiety disorder. However, as painful and horrifying as it might seem, Glossophobia can be treated with a set of practices and medication.

Measures For Treating Public Speaking Phobia

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Psychotherapies are the most common and natural way of treating any disorder that is related to a persons’ very own psychology. This technique makes use of the patients’ cognition using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). In this process, the therapist along with his patient tries to discover the real reason behind the formation of the disorder. This can include past experiences of being ridiculed, laughed at, or getting punished for raising objections or advice or the lack of proper exposure that might have led to the public speaking phobia.

Then the therapist designs a curriculum or regime for the patient to practice regularly. These practices help the patient in gaining cognitive control over the neurotic situations in his mind which will help him in gaining a foothold over the fears. This activity for instance can include making the patient understand that making mistakes is normal and there is nothing wrong if that happens on stage.

Use Of Medications For Public Speaking Phobia

Sometimes, when the situation is grave and the anxiety has penetrated great depths of mind then mere psychological treatment is unable to tackle the situation effectively. The therapist or doctor can suggest certain medications that can help to relieve the stressing factors.

Suggestive medications can involve a small course of mild antidepressants that can work in case of anxieties. Beta-blockers are also used in the treatment allowing the patient some level of physical control over the situation.

Providing Exposure Therapy

Exposure therapy can be the most organic solution for patients. This practice can be taken over after certain counseling sessions. These practices involve letting the patient face some controlled public speaking situations and let them fight their fears. Exposure therapies work for public speaking phobia, exactly like the body’s immune system works against diseases using facing, adapting, and acquiring processes. The patient gradually starts to develop confidence and gain control over his fears with time.


Glossophobia is quite common in the world these days. Therefore, people suffering from it need not feel alone. As common its presence is, so are the remedies to it. Most of the people themselves overcome the situation using proper practices, a healthy lifestyle, or by following a proper exposure regime. They can also get in touch with experienced elderly people who have several life experiences and can guide them through their suffering.

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