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student commencment speech tips

Delivering a speech to the people is not a ready task for some people, whereas it is a cup of tea for some. But all people need effort and information before they even say a single word to the people. At different places or on different occasions, there are different kinds of speeches. In this article, we will discuss one type of speech, and that is a student commencement speech. We will also give you some amazing Student Commencement Speech Tips. So to get these tips for your speech, you must check this full article. 

What Is A Student Commencement Speech?

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Before we jump on the tips for the speech, we should clear our concept with what a student commencement speech is? It is a speech given generally at universities to graduating students. The commencement speaker tries to inspire the listener. 

Now Let’s Learn About The Tips:

Start With Thanking


When you give the commencement speech, you must keep one thing in mind: start your speech by thanking someone. Commonly, you are going to thank all of the teachers, parents, etc., but you must thank someone individually. He or she could be anyone who might help you, who made a difference and believed in you. 

Don’t Only Speak About You

As you are going to give a speech, then mostly the things you will speak will be about you, but this is not the perfect way to deliver a commencement speech. Instead of making it all about you, you must talk about everyone. That is, you should talk to your friends about their interests, what their inspiration is, etc. You can speak about yourself too, but not in a way that you could have made your speech a “My life in high school” kind of. 

Search And Prepare

You are not going to deliver your speech without any preparation. You must Google for the famous speeches to get inspired with. You must write your speech with good knowledge. You could get inspired by any kind of speech like it can be a comedy, emotional, or both at the same time. 

Do Not Make It Long

When you get a chance to speak, it is not a thing that you are going to speak about the things you know in your life or should deliver a long essay. You must make your speech short and sweet. People sitting there are not only listening to you, but they might need to go to celebrate with family or friends, so your speech should be in a way that they could listen to and enjoy. 


We have enlisted some student commencement speech tips and hope they will surely help you make a perfect speech. Hope you might have found this article informative.

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