Wireless Microphone

Get Wireless Microphone With High Clarity Vocal

Are you and your friends planning out for a party or are you celebrating for something special? If yes, you can get your part to come alive with a music system. Well, it’s quite a tedious task if there is no background music that offers clarity and stance.  However, with Bluetooth microphone set you can get yourself as well as your friends relaxed with the upbeat sound so that you can make your party come alive.

Are you looking for a wireless microphone by which you can have a little fun with music and array of entertainment with friends? If yes, below e are listing the two best type of wireless devices by which you can enjoy your music anytime. The micro phones have high clarity which you will enjoy while playing it and can be connected to your USB or SD card too. The wireless microphone come sin so powerful mode that you can charge it in wireless way too.

Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

This Bluetooth wireless microphone is made with high-quality materials which are quite fun and durable too. In case you have music as a source of energy this microphone is perfect for you. You can connect this to your Bluetooth, USD, Computer or even SD card too.


  • It is highly portable and comes in a lightweight form
  • Gives wide array of a button for easy use
  • It is made up of aluminum alloy
  • Has a very chick and sleek hyper-cardioid pattern
  • It has dedicated speakers to sing the songs and to play the music
  • Has a professional clarity of sound recording feature
  • It is very handy as it comes in a length of 23 cm

Trolley Speaker Portable Bluetooth Stereo

This trolley speaker portable Bluetooth speaker is highly powerful and portable and it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery. It comes in the form of a wheel so you can take this anywhere you want. It has got high clarity base and appreciable quality of sound that will make you drool over its beat. You can get this trolley speaker Bluetooth stereo of your next friends gathering.


  • It is built with a rechargeable battery and has trolley handle and wheels to so that you can take it to anywhere you like
  • You can plug in your UB flash dive or any other corresponding port to play your favorite music
  • It is made with metal
  • Has a cabinet material and is power source of rechargeable battery
  • It comes in a frequency range of 150KHx to 20Kz
  • Comes with 1 coaxial speaker and traditional equipment by which you can input the audio system into this speaker
  • The package of this product includes 1 remote control, 1 headset microphone, 1 Bluetooth stereo, 1 power cord, 1 launcher, 1 warranty card, 1 instruction and 1 certificate.


The above listed are two amazing products of Bluetooth wireless speaker you can make use of it for a fun karaoke night. These products are highly reliable to get clarity music.

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