Grasp the Speed of the Pouring Every Time and Reduce Spillage Making It Easy to Cook and Bartending!

With the advancement in technology, bottles have has also undergone a big evolution. The attractive bottles we see mainly are made of stainless steel because it has long-term durability which gives a luxury touch to bottles display in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, or home bartenders. Bottle pourers are often used to store different types of drinks like cocktails, wine, beer, etc. It helps in quick and easy pour a shot of any liquor into the glass. Bottle pourers have been very common nowadays with so many brands emphasizing releasing the best quality bottle pourers. Having a bottle pourer also increases the easy cooking styles depending upon the liquid flow requirement. Check below for more information about this amazing product which can help to have an attractive bottle shelf at home even if it is just a bottle. 

Classic Stainless Bottle Pourers With Tapered Sprout

The classic stainless bottle pourers with tapered sprout can be used professionally to pour liquid into the glass without any problem. The bottle pourer is made of stainless steel which makes it best for long-term use as it is durable. The design of the bottle is also not affected rather it gives a really good look. The product is available in a single black color which is classy to use with different shades of the bottle. To prevent bottle leakage the product is designed to have a rubber gasket that makes a seal by which there will unusual worry of liquid leakage. This classic stainless bottle poured with tapered sprout comes in the package of ten pourers with the tapered spout. 

Purchase your Classic Stainless Bottle Pourers With Tapered Sprout today.


  • Bar Tools Type: Wine Pourers
  • Model Number: 45
  • Certification: FDA
  • Diameter: <5cm
  • Type: Bar Tools
  • Color: black
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Function: Bottle Pourers
  • Size: 11*3.1cm
  • Occation: Any occation
  • Net weight: 12g
  • Feature: Classic Bottle Pourers
  • is_customized: Yes


  • It is very easy and safe to use.
  • It makes the pouring work easy with high accuracy.
  • It also helps in quick cooking. 
  • It is on the budget-friendly side. 
A close up of ware


  • It can undergo rapid oxidation. 
  • The size is not universal. Hence, it may not fit every bottle. 
  • It may require an external covering as it may attract bugs as it remains open. 


The classic stainless bottle poured with tapered sprout with the combo of ten pourers from the Goldbaking brand is a perfect and trusted product. For people who are looking for a bottle pourer at a budget-friendly price, this product proves to be the best out of everything available in the market. This bottle-poured product is available for fourteen dollars and ten cents. One must try this product as this product has received many positive reviews. The pourer needs no maintenance. One just needs to remove it, clean it, and then it is ready to get fixed to another bottle. It also helps home bars to have a luxurious look. It is best for beginner bartenders who are seeking for budget-friendly bottle pourers to learn techniques of pouring styles on it.

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