Gratitude to your Teacher Mentor - Gratitude to your Teacher Mentor -

Gratitude to your Teacher Mentor

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Do you feel that your teacher has been your biggest mentor in life? A teacher is the biggest source of inspiration in one’s life. They not only empower us with knowledge, but also help to shape our thoughts, opinions and personalities. They teach us to become good citizens in the society. Everyone spends a lot of time in their childhood and teens in the company of their teachers. 

Here are ways to thank your teacher mentor for all the wonderful ideas, thoughts, opinions, beliefs and knowledge they have instilled in you. 

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Thankyou Gift

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A small thankyou gift for your teacher on Teacher’s Day will speak more than words. You can always go and wish your teacher with a nice verbal message, but a thankyou gift will add a special touch to your gratitude. Your teacher may keep the gift with them always and they will always remember you in their lifetime. A small thankyou gift like a coffee mug or a small frame will always remind your teacher of what they meant in your life.

When buying a thankyou gift for your teacher mentor, ensure that it is not too pricey. Your teacher will not be impressed by costly gifts, but by precious gifts that you give them. A costly gift might offend your teacher and so, it is better to gift something that is more meaningful and thoughtful rather than costly. A good choice would be a framed art or a coffee mug with some inspiring words that you would like to tell your teacher.

It is often best to gift cards to your teacher. A gift card is easy for your teacher to carry and is also not a burden on your pocket. Teachers are beings that understand the value and meaning of words the most. They will be most impressed if you draft some heart-felt wordings in a card. You can even make a card from scratch and gift to your teacher.

If you want to gift some useful items only, then you can go ahead and think about gifting some cute little showpieces or figurines that will always be kept and cherished by your teacher. If you give big vases or such huge items, they may be forced to forward it to someone else. A nice cushion cover with the wordings ‘teacher mentor’ or something similar would be great. Do not gift any personal items like a shirt or a perfume as you are not here to make a personal relationship with your teacher and you know nothing about their preferences or likes or dislikes.

Lastly, never gift anything obscene or funny to your teacher. The best gifts for your teacher mentors should be meaningful words to convey your gratitude. You can convey these words in card form or in a framed art form. 

If you have a special teacher mentor in your life, then this teacher’s day, do not forget to thank them for all their love and effort that they have put on you. 

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