How The Best Self Confidence Books Build Self-Esteem

best self confidence books

She wrote several books on how to get rid of low self esteem, including one on why women should be more confident. Sutphen also wrote an e-book on the subject and wrote a popular article about it for Time Magazine. Today, she continues to write and talk about this topic regularly on her blog.

As a result of writing a series of books on building self-confidence, Sutphen has become a well sought after writer. In the past three years alone, she has written eight books with titles such as Don’t Worry; Change is Good: How To Turn Stress Into Success, Make Up Your Mind, Do It All, Get One Thing Done, and the Discovery Channel. Aside from her online website, she also published two of her own best self confidence books for ladies, One Woman’s Dream and Girl, Wash Your Face. In addition to her books, she also wrote several articles for various publications and has appeared on numerous radio shows discussing this topic.

Aside From Books

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Aside from books, she has also shared her expertise through her appearances on various television programs and chat shows. For instance, on CNN she discussed why confidence boosting public speaking is important and what types of techniques and tactics work best. She also spoke about how a woman’s body language can say a lot about who they are. She mentioned that women who wear low cut blouses and skirts look sexy and are confident whereas those who wear a more conservative look tend to be less confident. While discussing these public speaking benefits, Sutphen also had some interesting advice for those who would like to improve their self-confidence.

The book provides practical advice on how to develop your self-esteem. The ten self-help books listed in this collection must be read for anyone wanting to build their confidence. The first chapter introduces readers to the concept of self-esteem and the concepts behind it. Chapter one also provides some useful exercises for increasing self esteem. Finally, the last chapter of the book provides a review of self-esteem and how it can be improved.

Confidence Boosters

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Two of the best self help books on improving confidence are Improve Your Confidence Boosters. The authors of these books share similar recommendations for boosting self esteem. They both recommend learning how to manage your emotions to gain confidence. Both books also recommend using affirmations and visualization techniques to build confidence. As these are very similar concepts, I will compare them here.

The book provides a very simple and easy to use method for building self-confidence. It is a set of thirteen affirmations that you must read and repeat during the week if you want to build your confidence. This method is called the affirmation ladder and works because as you keep repeating the affirmation to yourself, your confidence grows. The next self-help book in the set, called the brave greatly increased confidence, gives an outline of how this technique works. Again, the outline is very simple and the advice is given in a very friendly manner. Again, this book provides a simple blueprint that helps you overcome negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-talk.


The book provides additional advice and suggestions for overcoming fear and overcoming anxiety. The final of the four agreements for building confidence is called the four agreements for self-esteem. The first part of this set of self-help books recommends not to listen to negative self talk and replace it with positive self talk. It further advises the individual to avoid focusing on past failures and instead focus on future success. Finally, the book provides some final guidelines for implementing the received wisdom.

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