How To Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking?

How To Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking?

So, you have glossophobia or the fear of public speaking? You must be looking for ways to get rid of this speech anxiety. An important fact that you need to know is that you are not alone. To an average person, glossophobia is much higher than the fear of death.

How To Identify Fear Of Public Speaking?

How To Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking?
How To Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking?

Have you ever noticed that you feel nervous, stomach feels tied, and you get sweaty palms while speaking in front of a group of people? Whether you are speaking to a large group of people or a small gathering, the fear would make you feel nervous. You’ thus, fail to get success with any kind of oral presentations, whether in personal life or in the professional world. Good news is, you can overcome this fear easily! Wondering how? Read on…

Organize Everything

If you are unorganized, it will only add to your anxiety. So, you need to get organized before a public speech. Not just your thoughts, but your materials as well. Make sure you have your thoughts penned down. Carry all the accessories and props you’d require while giving a speech. Doing these will help you focus better on the speech and you could be more conscious and confident.

How To Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking?
How To Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking?

Practice and Prepare

It is important to start practicing the speech at least a day or two prior to the actual event. you could practice before a mirror. You can even call your near and dear ones and prepare extensively before them. This would make you confident and you should be able to get out of your fear of public speaking.

Find Out What Scares You The Most

  • Most probably, it’s the fear of rejection. You need to understand that you have been given the responsibility of speaking at the gathering for a specific reason. You have a special value for the audience and they are here to listen to you. Remember, you know the topic better than them, so, you are delivering a speech.
  • You must be uncertain how you sound. You may feel that you are too loud or squeaky. To get rid of such anxiety, record your speech and listen to it. You might even record your speech on a video camera. Once done rewind and listen to the speech and notice your body language on a video camera clips. Record the areas where you need improvement. Make a note of the changes that you need to make to your voice and gestures. It is important to get used to your own voice as well as your speaking style before speaking I front of a large audience.

Join Public Speaking Classes

If you are not confident of your abilities you need to find a mentor or a coach who could help you. You need to learn the art of speaking from an experienced person to get over the fear of public speaking. Find out a reputed institute to learn public speaking from. There are certain groups that help people get over the fear of public speaking. Join such groups.

You must try out what works for you and get rid of your fear of public speaking at all costs. Remember glossophobia stalls career and affect social life as well. Do not let that happen!