How To Improve Your Communication Skills


Communication is one of the most critical skills that one needs to succeed in the workplace. With the rise of social media and digital platforms, communication has become more informal and casual. However, there are places like offices and workplaces where you need to present yourself in the most formal way. So, you can see that there is a need to learn how to communicate according to place, time, and situation. Do you feel that you need to improve your communication skills? Are you feeling hesitant and less confident to present yourself in public or in social media? There are certain things you can do to improve your skills to communicate. Here is a list of 5 of those to start with…

How Can You Improve Your Communication Skills?
How Can You Improve Your Communication Skills?

Be a Great Listener 

You must learn to listen to people. Listen to understand, perceive, and learn and not just to respond. If you keep on formulating your response instead of listening carefully, you tend to miss valuable information in communication. If you make yourself patient enough to listen to others, you may ask for clarification and even avoid grave misunderstandings. Also, make sure you are having one conversation at a time. This will help you have undivided attention to conversations and thus, you should be able to improve your communication with others.

Learn Nonverbal Communication

According to a study, nonverbal communication accounts for almost 55 percent of how a communicator is perceived by the audience. That is the reason you need to learn how your gestures and your body language helps in communicating what you want to say. Physical cues matter a lot. Adopt proper posture and avoid slouching. You should also avoid folding your arms. One important thing that you need to remember for developing your communication skills is that you must maintain eye contact while talking to someone.

How Can You Improve Your Communication Skills?
How Can You Improve Your Communication Skills?

Consider Who You Are Talking To

If you are talking with classmates and colleagues, you may use informal language. But if you are emailing your CEO, you must use a formal tone. Similarly, in case of verbal communication, you must take into consideration the person in front. To avoid being misunderstood, you must avoid using too many acronyms. Effective communicators learn to use sentences and words as per their audience, and you should learn that as well.

Be Brief And Get To The Point

Whether verbal or written communication, no one has the time to read or hear long sentences. While talking on anything specific, you must not beat around the bush and get to the point straight. You must practice to be brief in explaining things to people. However, do not forget that there should be enough information for people to understand what you are trying to say. When you are sending a message or an email, make sure you are reading it before sending across.

The most important advice someone can give you for improving your communication skills is, think before you speak. You must also maintain a positive attitude towards people and situations. If you smile and respond to people, they will also respond to you positively. It will start a healthy and successful communication.

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