How To Improve Your Networking Skills


To be successful in your career, you do not just need to be a smart worker, but a smart communicator as well. You need to know how to interact with others, convince them, and impress them. Often there are many issues in a profession that can be solved by clear and complete interactions. A person with deep interpersonal skills does not just have a happy personal life, but a successful professional life too.

What These Skills Exactly Are?

There are a wide variety of skills or capabilities that come under this genre of communication. However, most of these skills are centered on communication. Listening, questioning, body language, and reactions – all come under interpersonal skills. Attributes associated with a person’s emotional intelligence is also considered within the realm of interpersonal skills. Such a person does not just have better control over his/her own emotions but can control and manipulate other’s emotions as well.

How Can You Improve Your Interpersonal Skills To Get Professional Success?
How Can You Improve Your Interpersonal Skills To Get Professional Success?

How Can Communication Skills Help?

 People with good communication skills tend to be good team members. They work efficiently in a team and can manage a team of professionals as well. Effective communication brings them good relationship with their colleagues, friends, family members, as well as customers and clients. Thus, they are good salespersons and can manipulate people to buy and use particular products and services. In short, people with good interpersonal skills are valued treasures of a company.

Does Everyone Have These Skills?

How Can You Improve Your Interpersonal Skills To Get Professional Success?
How Can You Improve Your Interpersonal Skills To Get Professional Success?

Humans develop communication skills by birth. However, due to social exposures and the type of environment one grows in, they develop bad habits and cultures. Thus, their communication skill suffers and they often tend to lose their self-confidence. The good news is, everyone can develop and improve these communication skills with little time and effort. These skills to communicate with each other are often referred to as soft skills, life skills, and social skills. In fact, decision-making skills and problem-solving skills also come under the personal communication skills of a person.

How And What To Improve?

One of the primary steps towards improving the ability to communicate well is to identify the areas that need improvement. Remember, it is easy to develop ‘blind spots’ about your own communicating skills. That is the reason you need to ask others and get feedback from them about the things they like about you. People like your neighbours, friends, and colleagues are the best people to help you understand your pitfalls and best attributes.

Practice Basic Communication Well

Communication is not just what you speak. You need to improve your listening, questioning, and reflection skills. Both non-verbal and verbal communication skills are important. While developing your verbal communication, be aware and conscious about the words you use. You should also know that body language is a major part of communication and you need to work hard to develop a positive body language.

Above everything maintain a positive and cheerful attitude. You should greet everyone every day with a big smile and speak to everyone. Always remember to show appreciation and be thankful. You can work towards improving your self-confidence and thus, your interpersonal skills will improve.