How to Improve Your Self Confidence

lower self confidence

Many of us struggle with lower self-confidence and the fear of public speaking. We worry that we will not be good enough or be accepted into a group, we fear what the public will think, and we worry that we will look silly. There are also feelings of inadequacy due to the way we look, dress, talk, behave, and feel about ourselves.

If you have been struggling to raise your self-confidence, you will be glad to know that you are not alone. Millions of people worldwide suffer from low self-confidence, so if you have suffered from low self-confidence, you can now start to build your confidence back up again. It can be a long process, but once you have reached a stage where you feel good about yourself, you will begin to see a huge difference in your self-esteem. You will no longer feel like you are ‘inadequate,’ and your confidence levels will also start to grow.

One of the best ways to raise your self-confidence is to learn about the art of persuasion. Once you have mastered the art of persuasion, you will be more confident and very influential. Learning about influence and building a relationship with people will help you build up your confidence.

Lower Self Confidence

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The art of persuasion does not just involve talking to other people; it also involves relationships with people you meet and trust. To build your confidence, you need to build relationships with people who influence you and need to trust you.

The easiest way to build relationships with other people is to meet them. This does not mean you should go out and ask everyone you meet how they are, but rather start to approach more people slowly. This may sound hard at first, but if you are not confident, you will be afraid to approach people, preventing you from building relationships. Instead, you need to approach people with who you have a rapport and start to build a relationship.

You may be suffering from social anxiety; however, this does not mean you cannot form good relationships with other people. Social anxiety can often be treated successfully, even by those who do not suffer from social anxiety themselves. For this reason, you may find that some people may not treat you well, but that is because of the social anxiety that you have is causing them to do this. If this is the case, then you need to address your social anxiety.

A Much Ado

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There are a number of things that you can do to treat your social anxiety; one of the best things is therapy. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is often the recommended treatment for people with social anxiety. In CBT, a psychologist will work with you to help you learn the root causes of your social anxiety and learn ways to overcome your fears of public speaking and being judged. These fears are likely to be one of the main reasons for the lower self-confidence that you have.

You also need to develop skills that will help you build up your self-confidence. As you start to speak more confidently, you will also start to notice that your confidence will increase.

Final Words

When you can speak confidently in public, you will begin to feel less nervous and anxious and confident that you can do well in a number of situations, even if you do not have a lot of confidence yourself. However, you must never try too hard to achieve your confidence level.

If you are having a problem with low confidence, you need to remember that no matter the cause of your low confidence, it is very normal for a person to feel a little insecure. Even when you feel that you look terrible or look silly, it is human nature to have small anxiety. As soon as you feel that low, the first thing you should do is look to see what caused it and fix it as soon as possible. This way, you can build up your confidence levels.

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