Speaking And Eye contact

Improve Your Public Speaking And Eye contact

Whether you have to make a presentation in front of an audience or speak at meetings, we all have to speak publicly at various organizations.

You can do it well as well as bad, and the result will strongly affect the audience and people thoughts about you. This is the main cause of why public speaking creates anxiety and a matter of concern.

To overcome your nervousness and perform well in your meetings and conferences, always prepare and practice before.

Importance Of Public Speaking

Chances are there you may not make regular presentations in front of a group. But there are situations when you need to address your teammates and a large audience, where excellent public speaking skills can help you to show your talent and skills. It also helps you in career and creates more opportunities.

There are so many instances where you have to speak in front of a group; you might have to present annual reports at a conference, making award thanking speech or welcome speech for recruits.

Good public speaking skills are important for excelling your professional and personal growth. You might have to address at charity events or friend’s wedding.

A good public speaker always has an impact on society. It helps in increasing your reputation, self-confidence, and excels your growth. Good public speaking skills also open doors for you in career and making you a favorite of the boss.

Strategies For Becoming A Better Speaker

Improve Your Public Speaking And Eye contact
Improve Your Public Speaking And Eye contact

You can improve your speaking in public by learning and practicing some skill. Following strategies will help you to perform well.

Plan Appropriately

You have to plan your Communication in the right way. Try to use tools like 7Cs of Communication and structure your sequence of speaking. The first impression can change the whole scene; if it doesn’t work, then chances are there it will go down. The same principle applies here; from the start, you need to intrigue your audience.

You can use good phrases or stories at the beginning or facts that pertain to what ‘you’re going to talk.


Practice improves confidence and flow of speech. Try to practice and speak in front of others.  If you’re going to make presentation or speech, create it early, and start practicing. Practice number of using the resources until you get a smooth and natural flow. Practice continuously will boost your confidence and make you feel relax and calm well before the event. Take useful feedback on your performance from the audience.

Improve Your Public Speaking And Eye contact
Improve Your Public Speaking And Eye contact


Always make your speech exciting and voice louder so that it keeps your audience attentive and engage. As a speaker, it will avoid making you feel alone and keeps everyone involved. Always choose right words which create impact while speaking. Maintain the flow, sound natural, and confidence.

Body Language

Your body language will create a good as well as the bad impact on your audience, and it provides a clue of your inner state. If you’re nervous, it can be easily felt from your speech. You should stand straight, look at the audience, and smile. Podiums are useful but instead walk around and delivering speech will engage the audience more.

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