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Keep Eye Contact: The Most Important Communication Tool

Your eye contact with the people or person you are communicating with can make you more exciting or awkward. You need to determine whether your eye contact is soft, aggressive, or attractive to the opposite person. It can be a tricky thing to master vital eye contact, but when you can, it can be useful to your communication. This is helpful in providing social information about them. Means, if you do too much talking with your eyes, it makes you look aggressive, and if you do too little, then it looks like you have less interest in that person or topic.

Keep Eye Contact: The Most Important Communication Tool
Keep Eye Contact: The Most Important Communication Tool

This thing becomes very useful when you communicate with people as a sale person, politician, or businessman. Moreover, it is a practical skill for public speakers too, and people always notice this skill in these types of famous people. Here we will talk about some exciting ways to improve these skills to have a better communication method.

Ways To Improve Your Eye Contact

Talking To A Group- When you are talking to a group, you should have direct contact with your eyes with each member and not only one person. If you make eye contacts with one person, your other members should stop listening to you, and that is not a good thing.

Talking To A Person- It is excellent to keep your eyes intact with the person you are talking to but make sure to break it sometimes. If you keep staring at them but looks awkward and creepy, so make sure to break it every 5 seconds and look at other things to keep the conversation ongoing.

You are listening To A Person

Don’t keep staring at them while talking, it can be a turn-off, you know. There is a technique to keep your eyes intact without looking too awkward. You can swap between their two eyes; staring at one for 5 secs and at the other one for 5 more secs. Then look at their beautiful lips for 5 secs and renew the cycle again. With this eye technique, keep muttering “uh,” “huh,” “mm,” etc. or you can also nod your head.


Arguing with someone is a skill, and that can be impressive if you can win the game. To compete for your opposite, you can hold a string gaze, and when you look away, you are giving up. It depends on the opposite person but holding your gaze is the best possible answer to how to win an argument.

Attracting A Person

When you want someone to know that you are interested, communicate with your two beautiful eyes. Look at their eyes when they are speaking, listen to them carefully, smile, raise your eyebrows whenever needed, and this body language can help.

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Keep Eye Contact: The Most Important Communication Tool

Loving Someone- Making eye contact while making love is an intimating thing and very passionating one. It shows how much you care for each other and how close you are to each other. You can hold your gaze to the other person and look at their lips sometimes with smiling to show how much they attract you.

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