Leather Notebook Vintage Spiral Journal

Leather Notebook Vintage Spiral Journal

Leather notebook vintage spiral journal is a common thing to use among children in schools and workplaces. A spiral journal helps you to write notes on a particular subject or educational notes. People often carry these notebooks at workplaces. It helps them to note various important dates and meeting timings in the diaries. You can also keep a record of anything you wish for. Often many people like to record everything of their life in the journals. The vintage look of the diary and the leather cover makes it a classic and unique item to add in your collection.

Leather Notebook Vintage Spiral Journal

Why choose something else other than a leather notebook? It can be your best friend in writing your journal. You can simply pen down your thoughts and feelings by writing in this notebook vintage spiral journal.
However, this will suit for writing needs at its best, as writing down your thoughts and feelings is regarded as a good stress relief. Meanwhile, it is very important to let out your emotions and feelings so as to keeping yourself healthy and fit for life.

It is never a good idea to keep things inside you or everything just to yourself. There are things that you cannot share with anyone and everyone, whereas, there are times where you do not find anyone around you. Hence, maintaining a journal helps you to write down everything that you feel without the fear of being judged.

Vintage Pirate Looking Notebook

This notebook is, however, unique in itself. It has the look of a unique as well as the antique leather look which is amazing for a notebook. This notebook is covered with PU leather, having a compass design.

The leather covering of the notebook makes the pages safe and gives a pirate look to it. Another unique feature of the notebook is, it has an anchor and a wheel pendant of a ship attached to it. Meanwhile, the mesh string helps to keep the notebook closed.

With Variations To Suit Your Needs

This product comes in five different colors, for you to choose from. It is available in three sizes, mainly large, medium and small, purchase the one that suits you best.
So, what are you waiting for? Gift yourself or your friends this vintage notebook and enjoy the classic leather pirate look in form of your journal notebook.

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