Master The Art Of Public Speaking Phobia With These Tips

public speaking fobia

Public speaking is the fear of speaking in public. It causes the avoidance of situations that involve speaking publicly. It can be related to any phobia such as agoraphobia, or more rarely, social anxiety. There are different levels of severity and the degree of the fear varies. What exactly is public speaking? Is it preparation of speech, or just courage in speaking out your mind?

The main symptoms of public speaking phobia are a sudden surge of anxiety, or a sudden, inexplicable urge to keep speaking in front of an audience. Fears may include things like repeating questions over again, or just the general public speaking fear. Fears or phobias related to speaking in public are far more common than people actually realize.

Suffers From Public Phobia

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When a person suffers from public phobia, they have a very real and debilitating fear of being judged in public. They feel an immediate need to keep their emotions inside. In order to escape from reality, they’ll focus on anything else other than their speaking and how they are going to be judged. This results in a speech being ruined completely, leaving them severely embarrassed and unable to speak in public for any length of time.

A big problem with public speaking is that it can make a person self-conscious and start trying to hide their true feelings. So instead of speaking freely, they try to hide them. They will avoid parties, become fearful of talking on the telephone conversations, and will often keep their feelings to themselves. Their friends and family soon pick up on the fact that something is wrong, and they get worried too. This is where the problem usually exists for the most successful of speakers.

The Ability To Talk More Freely And Confidentially

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In order to gain the ability to talk more freely and confidentially, help is needed. A good therapist or speech therapist will not only teach the person to speak more freely and confidently, but also help them develop skills so they can overcome their public speaking phobia and learn how to talk to an audience. There are many ways of helping someone who is suffering from this problem. Some of the popular methods include:

Comprehending what makes a person fearful of speaking in public

If the fear is because of the public aspect of speaking, then help is needed to find out why a person is afraid of speaking in public. To understand this, a patient must first know what the public consists of, and how people respond to certain types of communication. Once this is understood, then the disorder itself can be dealt with.

Developing confidence in yourself and your abilities

You must believe in your own abilities in order to overcome your fears. Once you believe that you can do things in the way you imagine them, then it becomes easier for you. The next thing to help is to learn how to rehearse your speech beforehand. This will help you to memorize your speech and will prepare your body and mind for the presentation.

Giving the speech in front of an audience

If you are overcome with speech anxiety, then you can always practice the speech in front of an audience. You can also use aids such as a voice recorder so you can record your speech and practice it. This will help you build your confidence level. When giving a public speech, the key to being successful is confidence. After practicing in front of an audience, you will feel more at ease when giving a public speech.


You will not be anxious about giving your speech and you will be able to give a well-delivered speech that will have your audience holding their breath.

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