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Overcome It: The Fear Of Public Speaking

Overcome It: The Fear Of Public Speaking

Public speaking might cause you to be anxious and fearful. Well, you are not alone. There are many out there who sweat and can hear their heart pounding. We all want to overcome it. You would surely want to stride onto a stage with confidence to give out a presentation or to talk to an audience.

However, it is easier said than done. Most of the time, fears take over, and you stumble. But there are small steps that you can take to overcome your fear of public speaking. Let’s take a look at these few methods.

Overcome It: The Fear Of Public Speaking
Overcome It: The Fear Of Public Speaking

Take Baby Steps

In case you have just set foot in the world of public speaking, you should find family members and friends to practice. It is better to start with your journey with smaller groups and then walk your way up to the top. Don’t worry, the size of your listeners doesn’t matter. You should know your topic well. If you do, you will notice your pre-speaking fear vaporizing.

Prepare Yourself

There is no better way to alleviate your fear of public speaking than to prepare yourself well. You should have a good knowledge of what you are going to speak. It will make you more confident, and you will be able to connect better with your audience. Before the big event, you should rehearse as much as you can. Adjust your speech as per the time you have been provided. Make sure you have back-up material. It will always have something when there is time left.

Avoid Memorizing

Sure, you can speak well when you memorize each and every word. However, mastering public speaking is not about memorizing every word. Hence, you should try to understand the material. Keep all the key points in mind. Remember the examples for covering and prompts on a subtopic.

Know Your Audience Before Going For Public Speaking

Your primary job in public speaking is to win over your audience. So, make sure they trust you with what you are saying and listen to you. For this, you have to make the effort to know as many people as you can before you start off with the speech. When you do this, the people you spoke can serve as your influence and will provide you with positive feedback.

Maintain An Open Body Language For Public Speaking

Overcome It: The Fear Of Public Speaking
Overcome It: The Fear Of Public Speaking

Move away from the table or the podium and get closer to the audience. You should be comfortable enough doing this. Crossing your arms or putting hands in the pocket will come across as unconfident. You sure don’t want to give out that impression. Your hands should help you to explain what you are saying and make the speech fluid. If you don’t know what to do with your hands, you can just rest them by your side.


To overcome the fear of public speaking, you should always smile. If you are frowning, the audience will start wondering what makes you so frustrated. The audience might even feel that you aren’t interested in the topic. No, you don’t have to be a laughing hyena but smile while getting across your points.

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