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The first decision that a person has to make before starting with their podcast or blogging journey is to select the right microphone. The microphone should be such that it can record one’s voice in the best quality possible. After the quality of content that you produce, the next thing that the listeners look for is the quality of sound. Thus, this professional USB condenser microphone is going to be your ideal companion for podcasting, vlogging and streaming. 

A close up of a microphone

About The Microphone

If you have a quick look at this microphone, you will notice that it has a unique physical appearance and design that will make your recording sessions more efficient. It will easily sit right on your desk and you can even keep it in front depending on your requirement. The best aspect about the microphone is that it will capture sound from all directions. In addition to this, it exhibits zero latency, i.e. there won’t be any delay for the sound to reach your computer. 

Its USB port allows you to plug the microphone into your computer easily. Moreover, with its in-built condenser, you are assured of great audio quality. It has been built with multiple layers of grid to improve the sound quality. You can use its volume controller easily depending on your needs. One can also use the microphone for in-person interviews and group chats. If you are a first-time podcaster, then this is surely your best choice. 


Advantages Of Buying This Microphone

  • Condenser – The foremost quality of this microphone that has attracted most buyers is its in-built condenser. Having a condenser means that the microphone can pick up sound from the background easily. 
  • Accessories – This microphone comes with a USB cable, a small and lightweight stand and a rotating bracket ring. 
  • Zero-latency – With efficient volume control, the microphone has got zero latency which means that there won’t be any delay for the sound to reach your laptop or computer. 
  • Efficient Design – The microphone has been designed in such a way so that it can be handheld or just be kept on its stand for recording. This feature gives a unique touch to the overall design. 

What Are Its Cons?

The microphone does not have any shortcomings as such. However, the quality of sound output may depend on how much background noise you have in your recording area. It is best advised to minimize background noise as condenser microphones tend to pick up more background noise. 

Your Recording Companion

With two colour options (blue and black), this microphone is going to be your show stealer. It also works well as a travel mic at a very cheap price. But one thing is for sure that you are going to get the best audio quality that will give the best out of your recordings.

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