Public Speaking Activities For Beginners – Build Confidence

public speaking activities

 Public speaking is very vital for everyone. It takes practice like any other skill. We have listed down public speaking activities that you can practice to improve your speaking fluency. A lot of people go through this stage where they understand their fear of speaking in front of people. Even if you are talented and can share a lot of facts, you can’t speak without giving up on your fears. The fear of acceptance, judgments of people, etc bothers. So, in this article, you will learn how to overcome your weakness and showcase your strength. 

There is a pool of games and public speaking activities but you need to figure out what works the best for you. This article will also help you clear your confusion and make the right decision. 

Impactful Public Speaking Activities

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Your voice is more important than what you are saying, your voice should present your story as you have lived it. Watching a lot of movies or talk shows will help you understand how to use your voice to present different things. Not just that you can slowly and gradually learn to respond efficiently without being nervous. Note down every pro and con you observe after watching talk shows. Pay close attention to the sentence structure, the delivery, and their expression which connects to the audience. 

Practice Public Speaking Activities

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It is important to conduct public speaking activities in school so that the grooming can take place at a young age. People often face difficulties later, but introducing public speaking to children will shape their future and confidence. Practice can make you a successful person in everything you try to learn. School is the best place and childhood is the right age to practice public speaking. Although it is never too late to start practicing, you can practice and improve your confidence. 

Avoid Filler Words

Avoid filler words like umm, ah, like, you know, and all, so which makes your presentation difficult to focus on. The listener might lose interest if you keep fumbling and not just that it will show how underprepared you are. To improve this, you must practice talking about any random topic for 15 minutes straight trying not to fumble or stammer. Take a pause whenever you use the filler word, and start all over again. This will help you stop using the filler word or even avoid stammering. 

Present Your Story 

It is necessary to include a story in your talk so that the audience can stay hooked till the end. Stories are engaging, hence practice narrating your stories in a convincing tone. Citing real-life stories will have a greater impact on the minds of people and hence you can have a good conversation with them without even speaking to them individually. Make yourself the subject of the speech so people can find you and the situation relatable. 


These are some of the public speaking activities that beginners must try to have a greater impact on the audience. If you are a reliable person and your situation is relatable, people will pay attention to it.

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