Public Speaking Anxiety – What Are The Causes And Symptoms?

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What is public speaking anxiety? Public speaking disorder is very prevalent among the public and most often among students. Some studies are even saying that as much as 20-80% of the total population experience at least some degree of anxiety when they have to speak in public. These anxiety related disorders can lead to the person suffering from public speaking disorder not being able to speak, even to themselves.

Knowing About The “Silent Killer”

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Some people may not be able to control their fear and will not speak at all. They will simply stare at the audience and not speak. Other people will speak but it is not what they should be saying because they are having second thoughts and don’t know where they want to say it. For people like these, this is referred to as the “silent killer”.

Public speaking disorder is something that affects everyone, regardless of age and sex. This is a serious condition that can cause people to lose their jobs and lower their social lives. Even though there are medical cures for the disorder, there are still many people with this disorder who do not have the help they need.

Causes For Anxiety

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There are a lot of causes for the anxiety that causes people to become shy, anxious, and even depressed. This may be caused by a person’s upbringing. Maybe his or her parents did not encourage him to talk in front of others. These situations are said to have an impact on the way the person thinks and feels about speaking in public.

Another cause of public speaking disorder may come from the stress that a person feels from working in public all day long. It can be stressful enough just going to work, putting in the hours, paying your bills, and taking care of your family without the worry about having to talk in front of other people in public. But when you are in front of people all day long, the stress can become too much to handle. The pressure may cause the person to have a panic attack.

Confidence Plays An Important Role

Another cause for public speaking disorder can come from not having enough confidence in yourself. Having the confidence to speak or being confident about what you are saying, can make all the difference between having a successful presentation and losing the confidence before the speech even begins.

People with public speaking disorder should take their medication as prescribed to them and make sure that they go to the doctor every three months to check on their condition. It is not an easy condition to beat, but it is treatable. It is best if a person starts early on in order to keep from having problems. By having the proper treatment in place and practicing proper speech techniques in order to overcome the problem, it will not only eliminate the anxiety, but also make you a lot more confident about speaking in front of others. Once the anxiety has gone away, it is a good time to start practicing the skills you need for speaking in front of others again.

Final Words

No matter what cause for your public speaking disorder you have, you should not let it control you. This is a condition that can be treated and overcome. There are treatments that can help you overcome this problem.

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