Public Speaking Skills – How to Improve Your Speech Skill

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Public speaking is an art in itself. Though it is a natural and learned skill, there are some public speakers who possess a naturally gifted speech skill that most of us don’t. They can very easily achieve a speech that completely impresses their audience, even if they haven’t learned any public speaking skills before.

various Element Of Public speaking

Public Speaking Skills - How to Improve Your Speech Skill
Public Speaking Skills – How to Improve Your Speech Skill

There are various elements that combine to make a public speaker able to deliver a convincing speech. They can use a few of these elements themselves or can consult with a professional. In this article, we will look at some of the more important factors that play a role in enabling a speech skill to shine through.

The first thing that a public speaker has to work on is their ability to control their emotions in delivering their speech. A public speaker can be nervous and excitable. This is fine if the purpose of the speech is to convince the audience to do something but once the crowd gets to hear them speak they will get bored and lose interest.

It’s quite difficult to obtain proper control over your feelings when you’re anxious or nervous. But once you get the feel of what the person at the other end of the microphone is like, it becomes quite easy. You won’t have to question every word that you say because the listener will know how you feel without even hearing you speak.

Public speaking Skill

So, you can use this speech skill for a completely different purpose. The only downside to this technique is that it takes time to learn. Your audience will start to get bored if you repeat the same material over again.

Another speech skill is the ability to talk in a conversational tone. It takes a lot of practice to acquire this skill. It takes discipline to keep the emotional content of your speech down to a minimum.

But once you gain the ability to put all your feelings into words, it becomes much easier to concentrate on a speaker’s focus and not be distracted by your own emotions. This enables you to have a more lucid thought when it comes to delivering your speech. The audience will automatically pay more attention to you.

One of the main reasons why a public speaker is able to convince the audience is that they have an ability to communicate effectively in an easy manner. The spoken word should carry as little baggage as possible. And the speech should convey the message clearly and simply.

The second public speaker skill is the ability to hold the attention of the audience. When your speech is memorable, it makes the listener want to repeat it. So, it is crucial that you can remain focused throughout your speech.


If you are a public speaker, the second thing that you need to work on is to get the timing right. You should be able to keep the tempo low and not raise it too much during your speech. The speech should flow smoothly and you should be able to move with the beat.

Lastly, the third speech skill that you need to acquire is the ability to relax and let the speech flow naturally. Remember, it is not just the content of the speech that needs to be effective but also the way you deliver it. So, the proper rhythm and delivery are necessary.

Bottom Line

Public Speaking Skills - How to Improve Your Speech Skill
Public Speaking Skills – How to Improve Your Speech Skill

Each of these speech skills is essential to be a successful public speaker. You may come across some speakers who use these skills to great effect but the majority of us just struggle to deliver a speech that the audience finds entertaining. We might as well give up now, as we do not have the required skill to deliver an effective public speech.

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