Public Speaking Skills To Achieve Your Goals

Public Speaking Skills To Achieve Your Goals

Do you want to learn public speaking skills? No matter if it is a team meeting or a presentation, we all have to speak in public. It can either go good or bad. But the outcome influences the way people think about us. And that is why public speaking skills creates so much anxiety and concern.

But with thorough preparation and practice, you can overcome your difficulties and speak well.

Public Speaking Skills To Achieve Your Goals
Public Speaking Skills To Achieve Your Goals

Importance Of Public Speaking

Good public speaking skills can progress your career even if you don’t do regular presentations. There are different situations where you need public speaking skills. These skills are also important in your personal life. For example, speech at a friend’s wedding or eulogy for a loved one.

So in short, having a good public speaking can boost your self-confidence, enhance your reputation, and open up numerous opportunities.

Strategies For Becoming A Better Speaker

Public speaking is a learnable skill. Below, we are providing strategies to improve your public speaking skills.

Plan Appropriately

Always plan your communication appropriately. It will help you to structure what you are going to speak.

You need to impress your audience at the beginning itself. Start with an interesting headline or a related fact. Storytelling is one of the powerful openers for a speech.

Planning helps you to be ready for unpredictable question and answer sessions.


The age-old saying, “Practice makes perfect!” is not a joke. Practice gives you confidence.

Volunteer to speak at team meetings.

Always create your speech as early as possible. This will give you more time to practice.

Practice in front of a small audience, like your friends or family. Receive feedback from your audience and try to improve.

Engage With Your Audience

Try to engage your audience while speaking. This way you won’t feel isolated. You will also keep everyone involved with your speech.

Ask leading questions targeted to individuals if appropriate. Encourage people to participate and interact.

Avoid using words such as”actually,” “I think,” and “just.” Certain words like these reduce your power as a speaker. You should always be clear and direct.

Pay Attention To Body Language

Your body language gives subtle clues about your inner state to the audience. The audience can soon know if you are nervous.

Stand up straight on your both legs while presenting. Look people in the eye, and smile.

Think Positively

Positive thinking can make you feel more confident. This will help in successful communication.

Fear creates negative self-talk and lowers your confidence.

Therefore, visualize that you have given a successful presentation. This will boost you up.

Cope With Nerves

Stop thinking about yourself, your nervousness, and your fear of failure. Make an effort to forget about it.

Instead, you can focus your thoughts on your audience. Think that you are trying to educate them.

You can take a deep breath, and slow your heart rate before starting your speech.

The crowd may feel more daunting than individuals. Focus on one friendly face at a time, and talk to that person at a time. This will reduce your fear.

Public Speaking Skills To Achieve Your Goals
Public Speaking Skills To Achieve Your Goals

Watch Recordings Of Your Speeches

Record your presentations or speeches whenever possible. Watching it later will help you to improve your speaking skills intensely.

You may notice verbal stalls, such as “um” and “like.” Try to avoid them next time.

It will also help you to screen your posture and gestures.


The more you volunteer to speak in public, the better you will become. You will get more confidence. Follow these strategies to develop your public speaking skills.

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