Speaking Skills: Its Importance, Ways To Develop Your Speech

Speaking Skills give you the potential to be a speaker. To improve your communication skills, first, you need to know the lagging point. You need to check. Is it your diction that limits you? or is it your self-confidence level which falls so abrupt?’ Or maybe you won’t be able to express yourself to people, as it was in my case. I am still nurturing this ability in me. In my past years, I was not able to express myself. Most of the time, it was because of my insecurity and the thought of judgment. When I found this out, I keenly observed myself while communicating and tried to figure it out.

Speaking Skills: Its Importance, Ways To Develop Your Speech
Speaking Skills: Its Importance, Ways To Develop Your Speech

Speaking skills are essential for a person’s holistic development

Once a famous person visited a reputed college. The college was full of intelligent, inquisitive, and young people. The nation’s brightest students studied there. However, when he put forth questions before them, none raised their hands to answer. Only one girl who did that girl was not the brightest student in that college. However, she, with her speaking skills and confidence, made a mark in the minds of the famous guest. After the interview, he said,” I don’t know who is going to be the future of this country. But I know one thing for sure that the only girl who spoke today will surely be one of the first students. thanks to her presentation skills.’

We know people with high marks, but they have no confidence and speaking skills. Due to this, they find it challenging to find a job.

As an individual (student), I was shy. The school leadership board rejected me twice. However, I had an excellent academical background. I was the victim because of my lack of speaking skills. But then I started talking more to teachers and friends. Slowly I gained my skills and confidence to such extend. Now I have even represented my school in a speaking competition. Moreover, I have been a leader(perfect)in my school for the past three years.

Speaking Skills: Its Importance, Ways To Develop Your Speech
Speaking Skills: Its Importance, Ways To Develop Your Speech

How To Develop Your Skills To Speak?

Developing speaking skills is easy. Surround yourself with people who talk with confidence and are optimistic. And they will surely help you in your development. And trust me, once you get a nuance of it, lack of speaking skills can never be a hindrance in the path of your dreams.

One has to be aware of the following departments:

1. Tonality: The audience is yours if you have the right amount of tonality.

2. Expression: you need Facial expression, Hand gestures, and interacting with your audience. It gives you the confidence level of a professional.

3. Content: Whenever you research something to speak about, make sure the information is apt.

4. Listen, Observe, Read: A large part of speaking skills comes from this. The newspaper is always a good friend. You could try practicing your speech in front of a mirror.

5. Confidence: Trust me. If you do not have the optimum amount of faith, then the above factors are nothing. Believe in yourself, because you are the real judge of your abilities. Overconfidence is dangerous, and so is low confidence. Trust your skill, and merge it with the needed amount of confidence!

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