Vocal Variety And Vitality

Speaking With Vocal Variety And Vitality

Vocal variety is of the utmost importance when speaking in public. It is essential for every individual into communication, leadership, business, and other fields.

Here, we will be going through the importance of vocal vitality and variety in speech and different ways of improving this variety.

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Speaking With Vocal Variety And Vitality

What Is Vocal Variety?

You might have attended lectures where you cannot help buy sleep because of the constant droning of the speaker. Or you have not been able to understand anything because the speaker was too fast. The way an individual sounds, has a significant influence on how the listener takes in content. The audience will not be able to retain anything from a speech if the pitch, rate, and intonation are not in a perfect place.

Vocal variety is one way of communicating by changing one’s voice using varied tones and speeds while speaking. The proper variety of speech helps in keeping the audience indulged and attentive. They get all your feelings, emphasis, and meaning. You can always practice and improve your speech variety.

Vocal Variety For Successful Presentations

So, you have a presentation planned next week. What if you are nervous about the presence of upper management? Even worse, you have received complains about speaking too fast and in a monotonous way. What you can do is work on your vocal vitality. Practice it properly to sound clear and powerful while keeping the audience indulged.

You will need help in several areas. These include:

Engaging The Audience Through Proper Pauses

You need to pause at essential parts for understanding the engagement level of the audience and for gaining their reaction. Pauses during a public speech are essential. They signal the audience about the change to another topic.

Making Use Of Different Voice Tones

Keeping just one voice tone throughout the presentation can make you sound boring. Therefore, you need to practice with varied voice tones.

Avoiding The Use Of Filler Terms

Filler terms like Uhs and Ums are a big No. this might make the audience feel as if you are unprofessional or unprepared.

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Speaking With Vocal Variety And Vitality

Consider Your Voice Type

What type of voice do you possess? Is your voice musical, resonant, or easily understandable? On the contrary, is it tiresome, monotonous, or harsh? The good news is that you can transform your voice the way you want only if you work on it.

Of course, you have an excellent speaking tone and voice. But what if you are not aware of it or if you are not able to present it in the right way? Your first step to becoming aware of your voice quality. You should work on developing a pleasant voice that should display variety and expression.

Vocal Variety – Volume And Pitch Are Also Important

If you have this unconscious habit of speaking loudly, you should make special efforts to be quieter while speaking. You also need to concentrate on projecting your voice. Your voice volume should be varied for adding dramatic impact and emphasis to the speeches you deliver.

If you want to become a good speaker, make sure you vary your voice pitch for conveying convictions and emotions.

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