Speech Delivery Tips – How To Give A Good Speech And Make More Conversations

speech delivery tips

It’s important to practice good speech delivery if you want to impress a speech audience. The way that you present yourself, even before you utter your first words, starts speaking for you long before you even say your first word in the speech. So when you get up to stand up to speak in front of an audience, be certain that your body language doesn’t betray you. Practice good body language, but be careful not to become overly tense. Little indications of stress can ruin your entire presentation, so try and keep these types of tense gestures at bay as much as possible.

Helpful Speech Delivery Tips

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Make Eye Contact With The Audience

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The same goes for making eye contact with the audience. Many people will hold their gaze across the room as they speak, as if looking over their shoulder at their next client. This is very bad speech delivery tips, because the audience will think you are bored or avoiding them. Not only is it a bad idea on your part, it is also incredibly unprofessional in front of a public speaking audience.

Look Straight Ahead

Instead, focus your attention directly in front of your audience and look straight ahead. This makes a big difference when it comes to good speech delivery tips. You want to relax, not tense up, especially when you’re speaking in front of a large group. You want to be able to address each person in turn. In fact, you want to address everyone at once, one at a time, so that you don’t run through your speech. As you are addressing everyone, mentally note the first name and last name of each individual.

Another of the great speech delivery tips is to make eye contact at several different times during your speech. It may seem simple, but a lot of people do not practice this eye contact when giving a speech. The audience will pick up on this tension and it will affect your body language. If your body is tensed up, then you will look like you’re not interested. Rather than holding this tension, make constant eye contact with every individual in the audience.

Keep Your Speech Down To A Few Minutes

The last of the speech delivery tips is to keep your speech down to a few minutes. You do not want to spend thirty minutes talking about yourself. You have the ability to put more information into your speech, but don’t hog the time talking about yourself. The longer your speech is, the more boring it will become.

When it comes to hand gestures, remember to make eye contact with the audience. This is very important. People like to watch others who are well versed in public speaking and make eye contact. Do not make your gestures too flowing as this will lose focus and you will lose the attention of your audience. The same can be said for your speech.

Use Short Sentences And Words

Lastly, use short sentences and words. This will give the audience less time to think about what you are saying and will give you a better chance of being understood. Also, do not rush through your speech. Most of the time, people only listen to speeches that are short and concise. A good speech delivery must flow from one sentence to another without going off track.


These are just some basic speech delivery tips that you can use when giving a speech. Remember to keep the audience’s attention. Maintain eye contact with them and make eye contact with the audience as well. Practice makes perfect. If you want to learn more speech tips, then you might try out some online articles or go to speech clinics for advice.

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