What Is Stage Fright?

4 Tips for Giving an Important Speech

One of the biggest fears reported by many adults is stage fright. It is natural to feel a degree of nervousness when asked to speak in front of an audience. You are scared that you might end up making a fool of yourself, forgetting your topic or speak something silly. This fear and anxiousness lead to sweating, fumbling with words, and often freezing in front of the audience. This is stage fright. This is also known as a social anxiety disorder. The fear of speaking in public is known as stage fright.

People who suffer from stage fright often experience low self-esteem and low confidence. Some people never perform in school plays, annual days, or have even left their jobs or passed promotions owing to stage fright. Stage fright can make people suffer silently. Many adults are embarrassed about their condition and prefer to hide this fear from everyone.

What Is Stage Fright?
What Is Stage Fright?

How To Recover From Stage Fright?

Many people resort to counseling or taking medications to be able to cope up with stage fear. While counseling is good, resorting to medications is not. You should first learn your subject or topic well. Be thoroughly prepared to answer any aspect related to your subject. This will boost your confidence to a certain degree. 

Next, you must address any negative thoughts, fears, beliefs, and images that prop up in your mind when you think of addressing a public. When you understand and accept yourself as you are and do not expect yourself to prove anything to others, then a major portion of your fear is conquered. You should think of the worst possibilities while on stage that may happen and how you can control the situation then. Imagining and rehearsing several times at home may help a lot. Learn cognitive skills to stop your unnecessary thoughts. Learn how to control your mind and think only positive things.

Tips To Conquer Stage Fright

  • Rehearse several times alone
  • Start small in front of a smaller audience and then move on to bigger crowds.
  • A minute before you address the audience, practice deep breathing exercises.
  • Find a friend in the audience and try to make eye contact with them so as to avoid seeing strange and unknown people.
  • Visualize your success. When you have positive thoughts about your success, you are likely to perform better.
  • Shift the focus from yourself to your main list. This helps to conquer your fear.
  • Focus on calming and assuring images or thoughts. This helps to avoid negative thoughts.
  • Limit caffeine, sugar, and alcohol as much as possible as this will help you boost your focus.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle with no stress, enough sleep, and a good diet.
What Is Stage Fright?
What Is Stage Fright?

All these above-mentioned tips are very impactful in conquering stage fright. It is a very momentary phobia for most people. Once they get on the stage and begin speaking, their fears are gone. One should practice a healthy lifestyle and read motivating books from established public speakers to get rid of social fear or anxiousness.

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