The 9 Parts of Speech: Definitions and Examples

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In traditional grammar, parts of speech are significant, and they are the building blocks of English sentences. In any language, sentence formation is substantial. To make correct sentences, you must know the 9 parts of speech. Every word has specific meaning and usage in the sentence. It is referred to as parts of speech. For example, in one sentence, you can use water as a noun, and in another, you can use water as a verb. In other words, you can classify words in verbs, nouns, prepositions, adverbs, or adjectives. Here we have listed all.

The 9 Parts of Speech: Definitions and Examples

The 9 Parts of Speech: Definitions and Examples
The 9 Parts of Speech: Definitions and Examples

Noun: One Of The 9 Parts of Speech

Nouns are names of places, feelings (abstract language), thing, or person. In a sentence subject, object or any name comes in sentences are nouns. Furthermore, words are of many types like common, collective, proper, and abstract. Proper Nouns should be written with the first letter capitalized. For example, Meghalaya, Aruna, Mahendra, Ford.

Pronoun: The world that you use in place of the noun is a pronoun. You can use pronouns to the description. For example, you are describing mango. So in the first sentence, use mango as a subject, and then you can use “it” instead of mango.

Example Of Pronoun: it, my. You, we, they are, ours, them, theirs.


The verb describes the action done by the subject. They state the action status like the subject is doing something currently, or subject did it in the past. From the verb, you can get the information of sentence types such as past, future, or present (tenses).

Verb Examples: sing, buy, swing, finish, drink, ring, become.

Adjective: 9 Parts of Speech

Words that add some specific quality or quantity to pronoun or noun is adjective. They are the subject related answers like how many, color, taste, kind, how much, etc. For example, we say, “Beautiful Doll.” Here a doll is a noun, and beautifully describes the type of doll. So, beautiful is an adjective.

Adjective Examples: unique, lazy, mild, bright, black, five, rough, etc.


An adverb describes actions, or we can say activities. The adverb is the answer related to work like where, why, how, how much, when.

Adverb Example:

Often, sometimes, lazily, sweetly, smoothly, only, hopefully, etc.


Word that indicates the relationship of the noun with other words is a preposition. For example, The box is on the bench. In this sentence, the box and bench relation word is “On.” On is a preposition.

Preposition Example:

Apart from, over, into, on, from, in, out, against, etc.

Conjunction: 9 Parts of Speech

A word that is used to join clauses, phrases, or words is called a conjunction.

Conjunction Examples:

But, yet, and, although, or, with, etc.

Articles and Determiners:

Determiners and articles form the proper syntax of sentences.

Articles Example:

An, a, the

Determiners Example;

Those, that, this, these, few, enough, many, which, whose, what, etc.

The 9 Parts of Speech: Definitions and Examples
The 9 Parts of Speech: Definitions and Examples


The interjection is a word that is sentence itself. Interjection shows the emotions and expresses the level of emotions such as happiness, sorrow, kindness, beauty, etc.

Interjection Examples: Ah, ouch, yabba Dabba do, whoops, etc.

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