Speaking Skills For Non-Native

The Development Of Speaking Skills For Non-Native Speakers Of English

English being a global language has become a necessity in today’s world. Some might argue about giving too much importance to a particular language. But despite all the arguments, we must acknowledge the fact that it is irreplaceable. in order to connect to the world, we must develop the habit of speaking the language with confidence. In order to ensure the development, we have to start from the beginning.


Majority of the youth who are non-native speaker of English finds it difficult to speak fluently in English. The idea of the development of English as a foreign language brings us to the question of why some people find it difficult to speak but can write. The reason might be that the consciousness that leads us to the potential solution.

Reading Of Literature And Its Potential Effect

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Speaking Skills

Literature not only develops the knowledge of a particular subject. But also ensures that one gets a distinct idea about the culture and ways of life. This helps them to connect easily with the language itself. The habit of reading literature on a daily basis. will help in the development of speaking skills

Research And Analysis For Development Of Speaking Skill

In order to find an appropriate way to enhance speaking skills, the root cause needs to researched and analyzed properly. Many countries that were once colonized by the British. They are giving importance to learning and mastering the language. But there are some unprivileged people.

The means of improvement can be decided after analyzing the reason. For the majority of people, the cause is that they have started learning the language very late in their schooling year. This has resulted in the conscious they feel while trying to speak in English.

Ways Of Improvement For Development Of Speaking

Speaking Skills

Once the research and analysis have been done. It’s time to find ways to improve the situation. The first and foremost method that we need to apply is to ensure the students start learning the language as early as possible.it will not only allow them more time to grasp the language but also enhance the quality of education they receive.

The development of speaking will not only make them more confident. It will also allow them to interact with people from all around the world. secondly, they should try to speak without having the thought in the back of their mind of making grammatical mistakes.

It is obvious that people do make grammatical mistakes when speaking rapidly. This is applicable to all the languages spoken. Minor grammatical mistakes are easily ignorable so that should not concern us a lot. The accent is also a major factor, people around the world speak the same language with varying accents. As long as someone pronouncing the word correctly they should not shy away from speaking.

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