Effective Communication

Tips For Effective Communication: Some Proven Ways

The one communication skills that you can observe in all the successful people is the way they communicate. The meaningful communication that you do will take you to new heights. We can surely say that effective communication is one of the reasons behind the successful people’s journey. In this article, we are going to see some of the useful tips for effective communication. These tips will surely help people who want to learn and grow their skills. 

Tips For Effective Communication: Some Proven Ways
Tips For Effective Communication: Some Proven Ways

Nonverbal Communication Matters: Tips For Effective Communication

When you are interacting with others directly, the nonverbal communication matters as much as verbal communication. You have to perfect your body language in order to convey the message that you want effectively. In a study, it has been proven that 55% of audience reaction for speakers depend upon their body language. Everything that you say will be communicated not only through word but also in the form of cues for the audience. It is the reason why confidence, while you are talking, is essential.

Do not belittle yourself when you are standing before the audience. Stand tall and show that you are confident about your speech. Nothing will beat a confident person while speaking, so ensure that you are one such person. If possible, move over the place while talking and maintain eye contact with the opposite person. If you miss the eye contact, the opposite person won’t concentrate on your words as you want him to do.

Over Communication Is Needed: Tips For Effective Communication

Over-communication is another important trait that you should learn about. If you talk 100 percent, the opposite person will perceive only 50% of it. Yes, the people who are hearing won’t concentrate on what you are talking all the time. They focus only on the most vital parts, and if you do not over-communicate, they won’t receive the critical things that you want to share with them. Do not deviate from the topic entirely but add some fluff in between while you are talking.

Use your wittiness and humor if needed. It will surely keep the opposite person engaged. Do not keep anything that you say too short and simple as some people won’t even understand what you are saying. Add some things in between which will keep the listener interested.

Do Not Depend On Visual Aids

Tips For Effective Communication: Some Proven Ways
Tips For Effective Communication: Some Proven Ways

While PowerPoint presentations may sound interesting, you cannot rely on it entirely. Do you know that Steve Jobs and Sheryl Sandberg completely banned PowerPoint presentations in Apple and Facebook, respectively!

You should be more expressive with your words than with the help of some visual aids. Understand that these visual aids will hinder the way you communicate rather than enhancing it. So, stop relying on any kind of visual aids and start practicing your communication skills. You need to be more productive with words than some graphics on the screen. If you can convince the listeners with your words, then you surely are an effective leader.

So, these are some of the tips for effective communication that you should know.

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