Tips To Improve Speaking With Less Stress

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It is natural to feel stressed before your big day on the stage before the mic. You may feel scared and stressed about forgetting your speech or saying something wrong. The only way to boost your confidence and speak with less stress is practice. There are some other tips to improve speaking as well.

Tips To Improve Speaking With Less Stress
Tips To Improve Speaking With Less Stress

Tips To Improve Speaking

Practice In Front Of A Smaller Audience

When you speak in front of a smaller audience comprised of your friends and family, you don’t feel much scared. It also boosts your confidence and this also helps you speak better when you later speak in front of a larger audience. You need to be thorough with the subject and this will help you improve your speaking skills.

Do Not Memorize Verbatim

If you have the habit of learning verbatim, then it is possible that you forget certain sentences or words in between. It is always better to learn points so that you can elaborate accordingly. When you learn points, your speech sounds more natural. You will also not embarrass yourself by forgetting.

Breathing Exercises

It is very natural for a speaker to get goosebumps or anxiousness before getting on the stage. Even very experienced speakers get butterflies in their stomachs often before beginning their speech. To get rid of this and to calm yourself before speaking, you can practice some deep breathing exercises that will help you calm yourself and alleviate your tensions.

Tips To Improve Speaking With Less Stress
Tips To Improve Speaking With Less Stress


Once you have practiced several times, there will be little reason for you to feel stressed. This is one of the most important tips to improve speaking

Eye Contact

Find a friend in the audience and make eye contact with him while speaking. This will prevent you from getting stressed when you see strange faces.

Visualize Your Success

Once you have a vision of how well you are going to speak and how well the audience is going to perceive your speech, your stress will be reduced. Think positive thoughts and this will help you reduce your stress.

Healthy Food

Limit coffee, tea, or alcoholic beverages intake before your speech, as this will prevent acid reflux due to stress. You need to feel in the pink of health before giving a successful speech. This will also boost your confidence.

Sleep Well

Sleep well and on time a day before your speech if you want to stay energized and focused. Do not panic while on stage and shift your focus only on the main agenda rather than yourself. This will reduce your stress and make your mind more alert on what you need to speak on. All these tips to improve speaking have been followed by great speakers who have managed to cast an impression on the audiences. These are simple tips but very effective. You can also get a trainer to guide you on how to speak in public to reduce your stress and boost your confidence.

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