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Types of Public Speaking

Public speaking is an art form. It is an important skill that everyone must know about. There are three main types of public speaking and each type serves a different purpose. It doesn’t hurt to be familiar with these because you’ll never know when you’ll find yourself in a position to deliver a speech. It can be something for work or it can be for a school presentation. Regardless, here are the three main types of public speaking.

Speaking To Inform

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Types of Public Speaking

This includes informative or argumentative speeches. The speech has the goal of delivering facts or lessons to the audience. This speech can also serve as an instruction for something. An example would be an informative speech by your profession about the first world war. This speech can also be the city advisory on what to do during an earthquake. This may also include a student that is presenting an oral report about a specific topic.

Speaking to inform has the goal of delivering a message or a set of instructions. This is usually delivered in a serious manner with the sole purpose of making the audience knowledgeable about something. This has a wide variety of applications, from academic purposes to those related to the workplace.

Speaking To Persuade, Motivate, Or Take Action

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Types of Public Speaking

This type of speaking includes persuasive or argumentative speeches. This also encompasses controversial and policy speeches.

The goal of the speaker delivering the speech is to influence the audience to take his side. The speaker may have the goal of changing your mind about something. He may encourage you to change your behavior or your opinion. This can also be motivational to encourage you to take action on a specific matter.

You can see this type of speech in a classroom wherein a philosophy teacher might be urging you to do good. You can also hear this from politicians who are running for office. Their speeches might contain a list of why you should vote for them. The end result is that the audience is expected to be swayed from their initial stance.

Speaking To Entertain

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Types of Public Speaking

Speeches are not just about the boring and lengthy ones that are delivered in serious settings. There are some speeches that are used for the sole purpose of entertainment. You can see this at banquets or weddings. A perfect example is a toast for a newly married couple. These speeches usually contain funny anecdotes and stories that entertain other people.

You can also see this in a comedy bar wherein a stand-up comedian is delivering a speech that is intended to make you laugh. The topics covered are very humorous and light. They are designed to get out a few laughs and to simply entertain the audience.

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