Understanding How A Personality Develops


Personality development is the development of a person’s personality. Personality here is defined as the organized patterns of attitudes that make you someone unique. Read this article to find out what is personality development and all its rudiments.

What is it, exactly?

Personality is defined as the unique set of traits that a person has from the time he was born. This pattern of behavior progresses as a person grows up. It is affected by factors like temperament, environment, and character. In summary, a person is defined by the influences that surround him. In a lot of cases, parenting is the most pivotal influence that shapes a child. Because of that, the parenting style must be appropriate in order to yield the best results.

There are five stages of personality development. These stages are infancy, toddlerhood, preschool, school age, and adolescence. As expected, the personality of a person must develop and mature as he goes through these stages.


What is Personality Development?
What is Personality Development?

This stage covers the first two years of life. The infant must experience a supportive and nurturing environment in order to develop properly. It is during this stage that infants develop a sense of trust and the feeling of security. One misstep may lead to a mistrusting child.


What is Personality Development?
What is Personality Development?

This stage is during the eighteenth month to two years up to the age of three or four. In this stage, the child learns self-confidence. The child grasps the concept of control. Most toddlers express themselves through tantrums. You will notice that the toddler has a noticeably short tolerance for anything and he is particularly temperamental. Most kids are also stubborn. All of these is normal. The rebellion is a sign that they are coming to terms with their individuality.


What is Personality Development?
What is Personality Development?

This is also known as the “play age.” This is when a child’s creativity is born and this is when it blooms. Children are encouraged to play a lot because their energy levels are so high and their interaction with other kids are insightful for them. The kids now learn how to be cooperative. This is also when they can pick up new skills. It is important that the child is given a certain level of independence. An overly dependent child may become fearful and antisocial.


What is Personality Development?

This stage ranges from three years into school up to junior high school. The child learns nuanced skills. He also learns how to play by the rules and all the basic reading and arithmetic skills. You will notice that the child will develop his self-discipline as each year passes.


This is called the maturity stage and it starts at around the age of thirteen to fourteen. There are drastic changes in all aspects: physically, emotionally, and mentally. You might notice spouts of delinquency in this era as they attempt to break out of the boxes set by the norms. They adjust to the identity they’ve known all along. This is when they are most hungry for a leader or a source of inspiration in order to figure out who they really are.

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