Using Affirmations For Self-Confidence – What to Know Before You Start

affirmations for self confidence

One of the many forms of affirmations for self-esteem is to repeat phrases or words as often as possible. These phrases or words can come from a variety of sources including magazines, television programs and even friends and family. Affirmations have been used for centuries to help people deal with many types of negativity such as grief, anger and fear. This article examines three popular affirmations that can be used to boost one’s self-worth.

Three Self-esteem Affirmations

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The first of the three self-esteem affirmations for self-worth is to tell yourself over again that you are wonderful. Although this may not seem like an important issue when you are surrounded by people who are negative and appear to lack self-respect, it is important to maintain a strong sense of self-worth. If you tell yourself over again that you are wonderful you will eventually develop a positive attitude about yourself and your abilities. Positive affirmation helps people who have low self-esteem feel better about themselves and their lives. When you tell yourself over again that you are great you will develop a higher opinion of yourself and your abilities.

Three Popular Affirmations For Self-esteem

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Another of the three popular affirmations for self-esteem is to say things out loud. People with low self-esteem often turn to television programs and the radio to listen to people who affirm that they are great. You can also read positive affirmations for self-esteem directly from a book. Some books provide complete stories about how the writer overcame a difficult situation or ended up happy. Once you start repeating positive affirmations to yourself on a regular basis your level of self-confidence will increase.

A third popular affirmation for self-worth is to repeat self-help statements. These can include statements like “I am a powerful person,” “I am in control of my body,” and “I am what I want to be.” Repeating self-help affirmations repeatedly is an effective method of subconsciously changing your attitude about yourself. If you repeatedly tell yourself that you are confident and capable you will build upon those positive affirmations. Over time, your self-worth will increase due to repeating these affirmations and your level of self-confidence will begin to increase as well.

Improving Your Confidence Levels

Self-esteem affirmations are just one type of technique for improving your confidence levels. Other techniques such as visualization and progressive muscle relaxation are also popular ways of increasing your confidence. Progressive muscle relaxation involves a prolonged exercise of specific muscles throughout the body. Progressive muscle relaxation has been shown to improve the blood flow to the brain, which causes a reduction in stress levels and an increase in confidence. Visualization is when you think of empowering images that fill you with inner peace and secure feelings.


If you have problems using self affirmations for self-confidence, there are other types of techniques that work well. Hypnosis is not always effective, and other forms of affirmations may not work well if you are not able to fully relax and be calm. Another method is to practice saying the affirmations as often as possible. Doing this on a daily basis will help you become a more comfortable repeated the statements. With continued repetition, you should find that your self-confidence will increase over time without you doing anything else at all.

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